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the free market: ebay
i sold my first item on ebay today. it was a fascinating experience...and one that makes me feel very naive of the world of ebay. my item sold for $9.99, by one bidder. $9.99 was the opening bid, by the way. i bought the item for $140.00.

what interests me is not necessarily the price, but the fact that no other people bid on it. i take that to mean that no other people saw it that wanted it. do you remember the ebay ads on tv? the weird clock connected with the weird clock collector? where is that ebay? where are the dozens of people that want my item - because trust me, it is want-able.

ebay tried to tell me that with $.15 extra more people would see it because it had a subtitle, or a pink background or something. but no, i think there were plenty of people on ebay looking for exactly my item....but they got pulled away by the other listings ALL IN CAPSS***** and such. i guess that is not much different than any retail philosopy these days. sure, we sell that one thing...but look at all the other new, shiney other things you really, really want.

the woman that bought it got a great deal!
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to channel my inner-Seinfeld...what's up with consultants? i'm a little sick of people who go to kinko's and print letterhead, start a consulting "firm" and begin referring to themselves as an institution. i believe strongly in the power of small business, but i'm not sure that one person does not constitute a "we". i just got a letter from a one-person consulting firm with a paragraph about "the firm's philosophy". if it's your firm, why don't you just state the obvious, that it's your philosophy.

if i ever start consulting, i vow never to refer to myself as a multiple.

oh, and my favorite is a voicemail from a person that says, "all of our consultants are [read: "I am"] out of the office right now. someone [read: "I"] will return your call as soon as we are [read: "I am"] able". yeah. when you get back from starbucks and picking up your son from daycare, give me a call back.
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busy spring!
fun, but busy times abound lately. still no final decisions on the wedding and all...but we'll see.

in the meantime, enjoy my new favorite sites: stuffonmymutt and stuffonmycat
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a rifle for chris, perhaps?
oh my! this show is great! so many helpful wedding ideas.

and one of the best parts is watching the advertisements. i honestly saw one for eharmony.
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engagement, day 3
love. this truly is love week. i am so blessed with how many wonderful people i have in my life. my fabulous fiance (still getting used to saying that!), but also the people who surround me, my community. i hear this is when the advice starts piling on...but for now i am just basking in the love.

here are examples of love (and the best kind has humor!):
from one of our trustees (in his sixties), "How wonderful! My wife and I got our marriage license on Valentines Day, and got married on April Fools Day. Makes remembering anniversaries easier."

from my newlywed friend, "By the way my husband and I were reminiscing the other day about how I couldn't work at all for the two days after we got engaged (which was a Wed), so don't worry if you're unproductive for a while.... Go out and celebrate."

from a friend (in her sixties), "Congratulations!! May your years together be as rewarding as my acceptance of my husbands's proposal has been. I frequently say "It is the best decision I ever made" Doesn't mean there won't be bumps in the road, but nothing that can not be worked out with good communication and a willingness to compromise."

from my friend (married about 8 years), "Chris must be a wonderful guy to win the heart of such an awesome woman of God!Tell him that he has been prayed for, for years. I remember praying specifically for God to be molding and guiding the future husband of my girlfriends. "

from a friend in a previous small group, "congrats! lucky girl"

yep, i am a lucky girl.

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feeling inspired
did ya hear the news? me and skippy are gettin' hitched.

no clue when, where, how and all that jazz....but you'll be hearing from us soon.
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christmas has come and gone....and it's been a rough one.

mom leaves saturday.

i can't wait to spend new years with the man i love.
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