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i was looking at the wjla website (local abc affiliate)in response to a story they're doing at 5pm tonight on a local kid who went to our church, joined the army, got injured and is now recovering at walter reed. if you're local, around tonight at 5, and care, it should be an interesting little story.

anyway, i saw this little article and just had to laugh. stand to the right is something that washingtonians become very familiar with. it is your standard fare, local jargon. and apparently you can even purchase t-shirts about it.

Regular Metro Riders Implore Tourists To 'Stand to the Right'
Monday May 17, 2004
Washington (AP) - With the summer tourism season approaching, Metro's regular riders are getting ready to share space with visitors who are unschooled in Metro etiquette.

Such as, the unwritten rule that people who stand on the escalator should stay to the right so those climbing the stairs have a clear path on the left.

Daily commuters tell the Washington Post, they understand tourists are either unfamiliar with the system, or use the escalator rides as a little break. They just want the visitors to step aside, and let the regulars get to work.

Years ago, Metro mounted signs near some escalators, reminding people to stand to the right. They were eventually removed, because some thought the signs endorsed climbing the escalator stairs - something the transit system officially discourages.
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