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engagement, day 3
love. this truly is love week. i am so blessed with how many wonderful people i have in my life. my fabulous fiance (still getting used to saying that!), but also the people who surround me, my community. i hear this is when the advice starts piling on...but for now i am just basking in the love.

here are examples of love (and the best kind has humor!):
from one of our trustees (in his sixties), "How wonderful! My wife and I got our marriage license on Valentines Day, and got married on April Fools Day. Makes remembering anniversaries easier."

from my newlywed friend, "By the way my husband and I were reminiscing the other day about how I couldn't work at all for the two days after we got engaged (which was a Wed), so don't worry if you're unproductive for a while.... Go out and celebrate."

from a friend (in her sixties), "Congratulations!! May your years together be as rewarding as my acceptance of my husbands's proposal has been. I frequently say "It is the best decision I ever made" Doesn't mean there won't be bumps in the road, but nothing that can not be worked out with good communication and a willingness to compromise."

from my friend (married about 8 years), "Chris must be a wonderful guy to win the heart of such an awesome woman of God!Tell him that he has been prayed for, for years. I remember praying specifically for God to be molding and guiding the future husband of my girlfriends. "

from a friend in a previous small group, "congrats! lucky girl"

yep, i am a lucky girl.

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  • At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    congratulations to one of the best people i know! great news!

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