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historical slumming
the act of visiting locations such as diners, smokestack industrial sites, rural villages – locations where time appears to have been frozen many years back – so as to experience relief when one returns back to “the present”

i’m reading the douglas coupland novel generation x, the one that coined the term. it is an interesting read that includes and in-text glossary of generational terms. although i won’t go so far as to say that each term has become cliché, i can at the very least recognize instantly the author’s meaning behind the term and the intentions in using the actual word.

last night i stopped on the term historical slumming because i can relate to it. having been raised a good gen-xer, and angelean for that matter, i know the desire the author intends in this term. i romanticize historical periods. i love swing dancing. i am an avid i love the 80s fan. i want a formica kitchen table one day. i even enjoy the colonial history of the east coast (though not nearly as much as my mother!).

but why do we participate in historical slumming? is this something specific to our generation or humanity? but here’s the thing – it has no significance without context. i mean why experience another situation if you can’t compare it to your own? it has no meaning.

Perhaps my desire for another experience is a result of my parents’ social commentaries. things were “different” when they were younger, or so they tell me. although my parents rarely said it with judgment, they certainly implied (and i’ve heard others actually say) that things were “better”. what i have yet to determine is if their observations are accurate or simply a consequential perspective of age. i don’t know. although i will admit that i lean towards the latter based on my faith and the similar perspective expressed by my grandmothers.
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