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i work in the building owned by a very large telecommunications satellite company. over the weekend they decided to conduct a few lay-offs. my guess is that it effected close to one-fourth of it's employees. and, keep in mind, this past weekend was thanksgiving.

the company's method of choice for downsizing was personal phone call. a nice gesture, perhaps, except that the thanksgiving weekend is the biggest travel holiday of the year. as a secondary measure, they fedexed notices to people's homes, also on sunday. now, as if getting that news is not hard enough, imagine you happened to miss a message on your answering machine, or the fedex wasn't delivered properly, and you show up for work on monday as usual. oh, but the company thought of this too. they hired extra security (the irony in that is amazing) and made people enter through the door with their id badge one at a time. having no idea what was going on, several people were 'notified' of their dismissal because their security badge was turned off. happy holidays, employees!
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