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status of me:

1 job. going ok. been a very crappy and stressful past two weeks, though this week's end finished on a lighter note.
1 part time job. or, well, i think i have a part time job, though haven't actually started. did take advantage of my discount for xmas presents though.
1 sister.
1 soon-to-be brother-in-law. never had a brother and always wished for one.
5 bills to be paid prior to leaving for xmas.
4 days until on a plane to lax.
6 days until i will be walking around disneyland.
5 old friends i am despirately looking forward to seeing again.
1 car. still running though she gave me quite a scare this month.
4 new tires.
1 passed state inspection certification.
1 current virginia car registration somewhere in the mail.
3 cds i want for xmas.
0 cds received for xmas.
1 giftcard to borders with the intention of purchasing...
1 new cd.
8 minutes until my laundry is done and i may rest my head.
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