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an excerpt from my monday evening political science class. (by the way, have i mentioned i'm also back in school?)

student #1 (in response to our class discussion on the 9th circuit court decision to postpone the recall in california) - i have a couple of the voting machines that were used in florida. i can bring one in next week, if you'd like.

professor (same conversation, as a casual sideline to the number of judges in the 9th circuit court) - ...i'm not sure how many judges are in that perticular court -
student #2 - oh, there are eleven.
professor - ok, well, i'm sure it's around that number.
student #2 - oh yes, there are eleven.
professor (changing subject) - ok then. eleven.

student #3 (when the class was asked to begin the discussion on current events effecting state and local politics) - i read today that michael jackson opened his ranch to the public today. the tickets were $5,000.

it should be an interesting semester.
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