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the wedding went off without a hitch. the weather blessed courtney and kurt with sunshine where appropriate and just enough rain to appreciate the former. the ceremony was beautiful - just as you would have expected. to find any error would be nitpicking. my dad wore a tuxedo, hugged people and danced! the power of love is amazing. may kurt and courtney always live in it.

tonight i will sleep. i am somewhat sad about the change of times. i got to know so many people better, and now those times are over. i will miss my roommate of a month.
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should i be more concerned that the war does not really concern me?
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i made it through without watching the oscars. whew. 364 more days until the next show.

mom's here and dad comes on wednesday. it should be very fun, hopefully good times together. last night was fabulous. we dusted off the grill and made fajitas. we need more times like those. and woohoo...only 13 more days until day light savings time!

thanks also to john for the basketball pics
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in washington (and many other big cities, i'm sure) many companies offer their employees flexible starting times. it's quite a cool concept in theory because it means that everyone in washington isn't rushing to get to their jobs by 9am. i think this is great, though i stick to the 9-5 routine. i've decided, however, that in order for this to work for me, i would need to work from like 5am - 1pm. or maybe 11am - 7pm. i may need to look into this...
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does anyone find it odd that we are trying to take someone out of power on the other side of the world and, yet, we can't even remove a guy on a tractor from the national reflecting pool?

well, in the meantime, you can see some ideas for the new california quarter.
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yeah. forty-eight hours to war.
kinda strange. i don't watch tv, and we go to war.
i, like most americans, probably wouldn't think twice about normally.
now that i live here, it affects me. josh. scott. firas. greg. brian. chris. brooke.
i think i'll call josh.
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i was told tonight that i looked radiant. twice.
i think that's funny because after five 22 year olds, lots of alcohol and only a double bed shared with my sick sister, i should look like hell. but i actually don't feel that yucky either, i feel pretty energized.

last night we took court to baltimore for her bachelorette party. we had a nice seafood dinner on the harbor, then went to fells point for some more drinking/dancing. actually, we weren't really planning on dancing, but we ran into several college boys that seemed to enjoy the company of young married women (and a few not-married women too). they were so much fun. they did not try to hit on us (except for the offer to have 'one last fling' with court), but rather just enjoyed the shameless dancing to biggie smalls. it was fantastic - and i've never seen courtney cut as loose as she did last night! when we finally got back to the hotel in the wee small hours of the morning, those who were married imparted their wisdom on those who are not. "it's all in the wrist". i gotta remember that one.
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um, i know i'm not supposed to be reading for entertainment, but you just don't see a giant cheeto everyday.
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so it is day two of lent season. i had to catch myself several times in the past 24 hours. perhaps the strangest byproduct of this whole ordeal will be my meals. i cannot believe how often i just plop myself down in front of the tv when i have a meal (we have no dining room, so the alternative is the ever-overflowing kitchen table, which i do however love). it was just me and my plate of food. it's kinda creepy when you can hear yourself chew.

i'm begining to think that maybe i should have given up boys for lent. i wonder if it would be too much of a sacrifice to give up both...
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so today is ash wednesday, thus beginning lent. i have decided to give up entertainment for lent. no today show in the mornings, no music in the car, no simpsons during dinner and no reading salon durning lunch. of course, this also means no movies over the weekends, which i don't really have time for anyway, but also (gasp) no oscars or 31 days of oscar on tcm.

i chose this as my sacrifice because i believe that it occupies much of my time and thought. in some ways i wonder if i have not made it some sort of god. for some time now i have been curious just how much of my time is wasted on entertainment and i am excited to experience more creativity and better social interactions.

today, however, i am not really looking forward to it. in fact, i am grieving the loss of something i have held dear for so long. but i believe God is faithful and will honor my committment to him.
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indeed this week marks the beginning of the lent period. i look with anticipation to the days ahead, as i focus my time and energy on God. coincidentally, this is also the homestretch of court and kurt's wedding; they will be married in less than four weeks. the themes of love, committment, devotion and reality will continually reappear, i imagine.

as i was researching lent today, i found these words insightful: Since the Church has restored the rite of initiating adults into the Christian faith, Lent has taken on a different meaning—one that goes back to the fourth and fifth centuries. At that time, the 40 days before Easter were the final stage of preparation for those about to be baptized. The rest of the Church prayed and fasted in solidarity with them.

Today, with the presence in most Catholic parishes of a group of adults visibly making ready to receive the sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil, Lent has regained that "baptismal" emphasis. We still can decide on a Lenten observance—fasting, prayer, almsgiving—but we do it with the purpose of recalling our Baptism, of deepening our commitment to Christ. And we do it in solidarity with those preparing to be baptized or received into the Church.

Those who are already baptized, are still on a journey. Our faith must be renewed, our baptismal promises affirmed, each time we gather with the Church for the Eucharist, where we hear God's Word and come to the table to be transformed into the Body of Christ. We bring to that experience our questions, our sinfulness, our hunger and thirst, our need to grow, our longing for God.
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happy anniversary! i can't believe i almost forgot. thank you so much for all the wonderful times, and even the not so wonderful times, over the past seven years. we've been through a lot, and my love for you is stronger every day. thank you.
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