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how's this for a statement:
if the poor don't know you, or you don't know the poor, there's something deficient in your faith.

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hope hurts
sometimes i get handed a gift.
i don't always see it as a gift.
it is something so overwhelming that
i fear the effort it will take to unpack it.
so i leave my gift.

last week i turned 28. in los angeles.
for the first time in many years i spent what was my day, giving to others. but the weekend turned into so much more. i have no idea how it will all turn out. and that's ok.

i have been volunteering with young life to share Life with kids. these kids are tough, not your typical urban yl kids. every stereotype you can think of applies to them. these 5 blocks which share a curb with one of the most power forces in the world today - a television studio - breed a sickening lack of hope. what exactly is the opposite of hope? i don't think despair even covers it. but what do you do if your mom is a drug addict, you have 3 younger siblings to care for, and you're only 15? a compounding durge of hope.

so thus beings my birthday - a friday spend driving a 12-passenger van filled with antsy teenagers. and i mean filled - we took 30 kids, by far the biggest group at camp. the 3 hour trip took 5 hours. when we did finally arrive, minutes before club, our guys were jumped. arrival at yl camp is usually filled with cheers from other kids and leaders. ours was fighting.

camp ended at 9:17 pm on saturday after getting no sleep, keeping a few more fights at bay, confiscating weed, and so much more that i can barely comprehend it. and i was right there while they did it all in front of me. is this what Christ feels? does He watch us do what we shouldn't, all the while thinking we've deceived Him? is there an example of a time when Jesus was taken advantage of? doesn't He just wait for us and say, "yeah, i know about it. i Love you anyway"? amazing.

so that is how i spent my birthday. i missed seeing friends. i missed getting birthday cards and phone calls. i was seeing Christ work. but it still hurt. and the kids came back.

is that hope taking form?
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last night i went to the west coast premiere of the latest nooma films. it was wonderful to see rob again and the films are excellent.

i almost forgot, but next week it will be a year since matt's death. the 12th nooma is titled matthew, you will want to see it when it comes out early next year. like all of us, rob talks about how he learned of matt's accident and death, and how he dealt with it. death and loss is not a topic that is not often discussed in church, except at funerals of course. rob beautifully explains how he hurt following matt's death, and how God grieves with us and understands us. he says it much better than i....

matt's life remains in this film.
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oh yeah, and i saw u2, which was a pretty darn good show. all in all, last week was pri-tay, pri-tay, pri-ty good.
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just me, a mouse and a bear
yesterday i decided to play hookey and go to disneyland. you see, i have these great friends, one of whom is an art editor for disney, who got us in for free. i was astounded to learn this generosity was an $80 savings for me. $80 per person is the cost to go see the mouse these days. sheesh.

but alas, disneyland is still there, even despite the new additions. the pirates are still yo-ho-ing and the droids are still taking their fateful first flights. but there are many things that are different. the haunted mansion, for example, was changed to jack's christmas/halloween adventure (or something like that). i'm a big fan of the nightmare before christmas, but this was horrible. my only comfort was that it was temporary. what was good, however, was the revamping of space mountain. that was a great redesign!

i needed some time off. life is moving very quickly right now and it is time for decisions. the next few weeks will be telling, but things will be changing soon.
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