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aah, thanksgiving. family and board games. football and yams. for us it's popovers and scrabble. i'll be catching up on reading, sleep and running....

tis the season for celebrated indulgence.

happy thanksgiving!
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saturday night my friends and family threw a fabulous birthday party for me! knowing how much i love pop culture and hollywood, they threw me a glamorous awards show cocktail party. i even got my own star on the hollywood walk of fame! (ok, not a real star, but a genuine replica star, with my name on it, made by the artists that make the real ones!) i am really, truly blessed to have such fantastic people in my life!

after the cocktails, we went swing dancing at the ballroom of this fabulous restored amusement park, glen echo, which also fit perfectly with my love of all things vintage - especially the 1930s! i had such a great time and here's the great part - i was asked to dance by the serious dancers! for those of you who don't know that much about the swing scene, there's the first-time dancers who are just getting on their feet, there's the intermediate dancers who have been to a few dances before, and then there's the serious dancers who not only know the moves, but dress the part. for the beginner dancers, you're pretty much confined to dance with the people you brought with you. even for the immediate dancers, if you're not being hit on, you're usually dancing with your friends. the serious dancers like to dance with new and different people. they survey the crowd and watch how everyone dances and will ask the decent dancers to dance.

now, i've been dancing now for almost five years, and i've always been in that immediate category. i'd get the occasional hitting on and sometimes i'd get asked by the good dancers, but usually only because there weren't any other decent dancers. and my experience dancing in the dc area, its usually liz who gets asked to dance because she's good. but on saturday, i elevated to the top tier! i danced with the regulars and actually got to use my lindy skills! yeah!
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well, two days ago i turned 26. according to some studies, i'm officially an adult now. i took allotted "personal holiday", aka. National Celebrate Paige Day, on tuesday and caught a fascinating oprah episode on the movie mona lisa smile. oprah and julia were explaining to the younger women that "their 20s are about figuring out your identity". if that's true, i should have my identity just about figured out.

in honor of that spirit, here are some aspects of my identity.

I AM -
...loved by God
...a daughter
...a grad student
...naturally [dark] blonde
...a friend
...a sister
...a sister-in-law
...a development associate
...a washingtonian
...an alexandrian
...a californian
...a virginia resident
...an independent
...a christian
...a volkswagen owner
...a college graduate
...skilled with some computer knowledge
...a love interest
...a companion
...a jazz aficianado
...a photographer
...a seamstress
...a leader
...a seeker of understanding
...a biblical scholar
...still trying to figure me out, but

to adulthood, to 26, and to figuring life out. cheers!
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Jesus is my crush

this morning i read about revolve, a new testament that is edited to read like a girls magazine. from the editors that brought us such favorites as wild at heart and song of solomon, this piece addresses many of the issues at the heart of young girls. it links unlikely biblical analysis on issues like dating, leadership and of course, clear pores.

yeah. it's for real. you can buy it on amazon yourself.

now, before i analyze any further, please note that i have not read this book and therefore do not have a full understanding. however, i am most adamantly opposed to "dressing up" the Word of God. it is one thing to explain The Gospel in culturally relevant terms, but it is clearly another to misrepresent God's intentions (and i admit that perhaps this is new testament is not misrepresentative). at the core of my issue with this is that it is God that reveals himself to us. i do not believe we have an obligation to convince people to begin a faith in God, and this appears to be humans trying to convince young girls.

i promise to look up this book the next time i'm in a christian bookstore and make a more accurate assesment of the 'translation'.
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as a rule, i believe there are two things that people should not spend a lot of money on - sunglasses and umbrellas - because inevidably they will get left behind on a subway train or lunch table.

and for your entertainment pleasure, check out cockeyed's analysis of the crisis in california.
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i saw the last matrix last night and i left the theatre with the same feeling as i did six months ago, when i saw the second matrix. huh? that is one complicated and over-acted series. i do appreciate the fight scenes, but i think you need to be male to fully appreciate them. then again, i've been watching a lot of macho movies lately - dracula, made, kill bill, etc. - i think it's high time i saw a girly movie! i think i'll go see love actually this weekend...

...and i just got tickets to see ryan adams in dec! yippie!!
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oh man...i've been a total creative slacker this whole semester! i'm so, so sorry!

hopefully something more interesting will be coming soon...
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