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well, i didn't make it full circle, but i did find some really cool sites. i found this site for all that is wrong in the church today...or at least what they think. some interesting points.

then i found this comic from derek kirk kim.

and now i have to go home.
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six degrees of blog separation
one thing i have always wanted to try, well at least 'always' since i began this blog, is to follow the links on people's pages and see how long it would take me to get back to a blog i have already been to. if i were david, i could come up with some kind of statistical prediction for this, but i *almost* failed statistics, so we won't go there.

so, this day seems perfect since i have a bad case of the mondays and would really rather been sulking in my pajamas and watching john hughes films all day. urrrggh, how come men are so weird? ok, that's the subject for another blog which i won't even start....sorry.

anyhow, here goes. we'll start with natty, since she's the one who introduced me to the blog world. wish me luck. i'll try not to get lost.
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my coworker reminded me that mase's album dropped yesterday. as soon as i have $12, i'll be purchasing it.
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flash back with me for a moment to your freshman year, intro to psychology class. remember studying the 5 stages of death - denial, anger, bargining, depression and acceptance? well, elizabeth kubler-ross, the woman who created that theory, died today.

i don't often think about the experience of death, but i do wonder what it was like for her.
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sorry that i can't think of much to write these days. usually that means i have too much to write about....

but, my horoscope (of all places) had a beautiful sentance that i thought should be shared.

Love fills your world and stops all the clocks
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what to do?
yesterday and half of today our office had no phone line or internet connection. it really took some thought to decide what tasks to do for the day. many of us were staring blankly at our computers for a few minutes before deciding to file, or draft a letter or go home, as some of my coworkers did. it was strange.

thankfully, august is quite dead for workplaces here in washington. however, i do find it astonishing that downed phone lines caused thousands of dollars in lost productivity. what did people do before telecommunications? me, i caught up on some overflowing filing while listening to some tunes. and today, i took it upon myself to update our database.

on a completely different note, i saw donnie darko last night and i'm still thinking about it. i recommend it, but only if you have the patience to experience a strong mental trip.
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my vote for this year
...is for barbie. yes, barbie is running for president*. so this year, think p.i.n.k. that's peace, inspiration, nature and knowledge. go lead. go inspire. go girl!

(*it's actually quite the ingenious approach. check out the "for adults" section)
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barenaked de ja vu
last night carrie and i went to the au natural tour with bnl and alanis. alanis was good and bnl was great.

there was a moment, a split second, last night were i felt like i was back in 1998. for a moment i felt that it was natty and garrett beside me, tossing macaroni from a sandwich baggie. i was listening to steve yammer on with ed about the vmas the day before and 'ray of light' and 'the boy is mine'. my mind was confused about nick, but wanting ian. i was struggling with statistics and my transfer applications. i was getting up before dawn, throwing together yl clubs and living in the maxi pad.

but i soon came back to the present reality. work today. a broken car. pending thunderstorms. and sore muscles. the show was great.

annie, we've got to add 'break your heart' to the breakup album.
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the race i'll watch
the illinois senate race is one i think i'll watch. i'm interested in watching them create their levels of 'blackness'. the little state senator with a orator's talent versus the carpetbagger with radical conservative ideas.

of course, i'm also watching scolinos and thune.

should be an exciting year.
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yes, ladies and gentlemen, that was me assembling kitchen cabinets this weekend. the woman you know and love is not only a talented wordsmith (ok, a random wordsmith), but also is handy with a table saw and pipe clamps.

for those of you who have not had the privilege lately of seeing me stress out of my mind, my dad is in town building a new kitchen for the house. it's exciting and great to hang out with him. but it is also quite stressful having to tiptoe around drywall and nails. my favorite is the layer of dust that covers everything. and i mean everything....

but this will be over soon and we can all enjoy the beautiful new kitchen. keep your eyes open for the 'let's break in the new kitchen' dinner party invite!

ps. i even broke a nail!! i know, i know it's so girly...
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