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i am fabulously amused by this article in today's salon. here is just a sampling: A general rule of thumb when it comes to looking for love in the modern world is to stop being so picky.

fyi - if you haven't been to salon lately, you will need to watch a mercedes comercial before they let you read their stuff. the editorial says so. yeah. aparently no one wants to fund "independent journalism". which is really a shame. i hope they won't go under all together. i am pondering coordinating some fantastic national rally to protest their impending departure, but that's too much work.

ps. sorry to be so absent. i am actually here, just not terribly challenged these days and therefore feeling uncreative. i am working to end this. i believe my mind is frozen along with everything else here in dc.
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thursday night i found myself apologizing for my ranting about the behavior of people that i believe are wrong. today i thought about what exactly i was apologizing for. i am not apologizing for my rant, that it was wrong, slanderous or un-christian like. i apologized because i didn't want to look that way the the person i was speaking to. why am i more concerned with what i look like to others than how i actually treat them? this scares me.
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i just found out something really, really cool. if you do a yahoo search for "smaigers", my blog is the only result that comes up. how cool is that? aparently my nickname is truly unique.
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conversation on the way to the metro this morning:

liz: brrr...it's cold!
danica: yeah, this is south dakota cold.
danica: that is how we tell it's cold - when you breathe in and your snot freezes.
liz (admiringly): that was beautiful!
paige (smiles at the wisdom of her northern roommates. breathes deeply and discovers it is cold).
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an interesting perspective on blogging, as quoted to me today - Pretentious blatherings on subjects about which the author is ill-informed. pretty much sums it up nicely. thx, kevin.
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tonight my roommates and i all hung out together. it was so much fun! it's been a while since we had all gone out somewhere together. i love those girls! we have so much fun together and i am so blessed by their friendships.
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...ps. met very cool man tonight named rob. please, God, can i see him again?
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as i type, i am speaking with one of the coolest girls i know - emily. emily and i go way back, long time friends from church. i was a camp counselor back in the day, and she was a camp kid. funny how things change, cause now she's in college and going to the very school i once trounced. emily, you've made me very homesick! i hope to see you soon!
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to spare the repetition of my self-inspection, here are my deep thoughts for the day (the green writing). i am so sick and tired of reading these articles on how to date. in all honesty, i had to hold myself back. i am truly pondering whether it is a sin itself to focus THAT much on how to date. it makes me sick! what does it matter? life isn't about that!

for some time now i have felt that i haven't found people that i can connect with here. i don't understand that, it is one of those heart breaking times that i mentioned in the above article. i'm a pretty social person. normally very easy going and fun to hang out with. but lately i am realizing how much of an extravert i really am. i am lacking the friendships that truly inspire, challenge and understand me. what breaks my heart is that i am not able to find them here....and will i ever find them again! to quote anne shirley, i have always wanted a bosom friend! i definitely do have and have had bosom friends, but it is now, at this time that i feel i need them, that i am left wanting.
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tonight i am living in tori amos' winter
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there is so much to blog about...but where did the weekend go? ever have so much to do, but no motivation for doing it? shouldn't life be a musical?

(fyi - i do realize that neither of the above statements relate to another)
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just came back from watching chicago. anne and i are remarking about the return of the musical genre. it is truly a fabulous movie. three reasons to go: 1. richard gere tap dances. 2. weren't you just thinking, "whatever happened to mya after she did that rugrats song?". well, there she is. 3. it's the reunion of the century - lucy liu and taye diggs together again since ally mcbeal went of the air. oh yeah, that was only 8 months ago....oh well.

more importantly, it is terribly exciting to see a movie on an opening night (ok, so it was opening night in washington)!
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Important news from E! Online :

Jack Ass Blasts "Jackass"
Thu Jan 2, 1:35 PM ET
By Julie Keller

You might think that someone named Jack Ass would have pretty thick skin when it comes to attacks upon his reputation. But you would be wrong.

A Montana man who legally changed his name to Jack Ass in 1997 (to raise awareness of the perils of drunk driving) says Jackass, the controversial MTV stunt-fest and subsequent film, has besmirched his sterling reputation, and he's not gonna take it.

Mr. Ass, né Bob Craft, has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Viacom, claiming the music network's parent company is responsible for "injury to a reputation I have built and defamation of a character I have created" with the conglomerate's Johnny Knoxville-led gross-out series and flick.

Ass' petition, available in its entiretly at The Smoking Gun Website, was filed in a Montana district court in November.

A MTV rep said the network does not comment on pending litigation.
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this holiday was all about family. shall i start with my parents? i came back from my week with them just completely deflated. it is quite amazing how two people can have the outrageous power of stripping off all that i think i have worked so hard to become, and it is those same two people who have made me all that i am.

but this will be the last christmas of it's kind. there are big changes on the horizon, and from next year on things will be completely different. my big sister is getting married. for those who see me on a regular basis i probably seem to go on an on about it, but this is truly a big event. i have one sister and am going to make the best memories of this time that i can. it should also make for some interesting blog entries.

happy new year everyone! may 2003 bring peace, blessings, strength and memories.
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a new year, a new blog
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