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happy new (shopping-free?) year
i saw this today and i am unbelievably inspired! i am seriously pondering if i can make this work (i ponder this as i wrap up a $100 purchase for a new battery for my laptop....). i think the most difficult time would have to be the holidays. but i suppose there is grace among family and friends if it is for a good cause.

i still don't know what the "rules" are. i can imagine that shopping for food and gas are acceptable, but is starbucks? i assume not. i know i can go a whole year without new clothes (some of you may think this impossible but i assure you i can), but what about the running shoes i buy about every 8 months? maybe i can pre-determine a list of acceptable items and not deter from the list. and what about travel? wedding gifts (although emily post allows a year after the wedding date for a gift...)? see, i kind of like the idea of 'recycling' items instead of buying them anew. consider this, my sister and i (the only remaining hallers and only 2 of 5 lanes) have 2 sets of our family's silver each, and my sister and her husband have their own set too! perhaps we all should start thinking about rediscovering vintage treasures. what i like most about this concept is that it reinforces creativity and gratitude for what you have.

a fascinating idea, don't you think? should i do? can i do it?
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