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angelino bucks
this morning i read about this town in ma that has their own currency. kind of a cool idea, on a local level. how pre-civil-war of them.

do you think we can get one for la? or southern california? what would they be called?
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the summer's most redeeming comedy
oh man! i have found my new favorite show - flight of the conchords. freakin hilarious. i was sold when i heard the most beautiful girl in the room.

it's going to be a good summer.
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voting - not just for american idol anymore
check this out - you can vote for one of the "new" 7 wonders of the world. pretty cool.

my friend steve and i were thinking of some of the american things we think should be wonders. paris hilton? the mall of america? dolly parton's chest?
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people often ask me if i have a tattoo. i'm not quite sure why they ask this, but they do. my answer to that is no i do not, but only because i don't know what i like enough to have permanently attached to my body. i think i may.

on saturday we celebrated natalie's bachelorette-hood. see how cute we are:

we also got henna tattoos and i have to say that i really like mine. really. i'm even thinking of having them ink it this week so i don't lose it.

what do you think?

but i kind of only like it in the sepia. does anyone know if you can permanently ink in sepia?

and someday we may have to talk about the passion party (don't open link at work - think tupperware party, but much, much dirtier). and don't ask what i purchased.
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