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for the record...
i am SO happy i chose not to work for cnn. first crossfire is cancelled. now woodruff is leaving. and i agree, network news is a dying form.
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take me out

last night natalie and her family took me to a dodger game and it was great to be there! despite losing (to the diamondbacks, nonetheless!), it was a great game. i love the location of dodger stadium, but i have to say that i like camden yards better. of course, i have yet to go to wrigley field or fenway park...so maybe i'll like those even more.

anyway, baseball. i love baseball. i love it because it means spring and summer are here. i love it for the history. i love it because it is a simple sport. i love it because you can throw stuff on the ground. and i confess, i think men in baseball uniforms look really good.

apparently last night we set a world record for sporting event attendence at 54,000+, though i can't find any article on google to support this. and maybe that is because last night was free dodger fleece blanket night. so after we get our free blanket at the enterance, there was a girl handing out a flyer. it turns out the blankets had a misprint and they were unable to reprint the blankets in time for the game. all i could think of at that time was that somebody lost his job that day. i think of the part in the holy grail - those responsible have been sacked. ah, we had a good laugh over it. and it turns out the misprint was one of the championship years. the blanket reads "1966" when they actually won in "1965". i wonder if the misprinted blanket would be worth money...

thanks to the podleys for these great seats. and to those of you who are about to comment - the cubs are my second favorite team. no conversion is necessary.
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challenging The Vision
i went to a prospective student weekend at fuller this weekend, even though i already know i am attending, and i already know the program. you should know that i have approached my attending fuller a very round-about way. i used to work for young life, and our office was on fuller's campus. i know many of the staff through our yl committee, sharing the office space, and as personal friends. rather than speaking to the admissions staff, i opted to speak directly with the teachers to get their guidance and feedback - all of which was very positive.

now this weekend i had the opportunity to speak with the academic coordinator of the brehm center, the non profit center on campus that works in collaboration with the m.th. programs. after explaning my excitement in finally being in pasadena to begin classes at fuller, the gentleman i was speaking came just shy of telling me not to attend. part of this was due to my poor job at communicating my goals for attending the program. he kept saying things like "well, we're not here to train you as an artist" (which i explained to him i was not interested in), "we don't have many connections to hollywood" (after he stood in front of the audience touting their hollywood representation on the board), and "we've got a lot of people with an interest in pop culture but no real career direction" (as if to say, your kind is a dime a dozen). why would a person in charge of recruiting discourage one from pursuing this academic field? natalie said it may be because they are such a new program and therefore dealing with a lot of disappointed people. this could be true because he was very clear that the m.th. is a theology degree - which is exactly what i want.

i left the evening stunned at my first interface with the staff of the center. but the fighter in me is all the more driven now. since i had a hard time explaining my goals for the degree to him, i will clearly articulate them here:
1. to gain a master of the arts degree in worship, theology and the arts.
2. to academically learn how to communicate the gospel through the arts, specifically focusing on american popular culture.
3. to enrich my education with diversity classes through the cultural studies program (previously known as the school of world mission)
4. to pursue what i am confident is part of my life mission - using my culture to communicate the gospel - both in a paid career and a life career.

many people, including myself at times, ask me what i would do with a degree such as this. i answer that i see little difference between work and the rest of life, meaning that my goals in life should be similar to my goals in work (as stated in goal #4) and therefore it does not matter what i do as i will certainly use the knowledge. only God knows what job and other life circumstances he will place me in.

the end result of this weekend is a renewing of The Vision - with even more passion.
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pray, and two, and three, and four
check out this interesting article about God and weighloss. did you know billy blanks was xian?
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i got my apartment!!

i got an affordable studio (but dad is building me a bedroom/home office space - it sometimes pays to have a designer/contractor for a father) in los feliz! it is close to the house of pies, the derby (if you've seen swingers...), is one block above hollywood blvd and you can see the observatory from my street. it's a great building from the 1930s with lots of character. and guess what street i will live on? alexandria. i guess paul was right and i can't get away from dc.

and....i can have my dog!

and of course, i'll have a sleeper sofa - or at the very least an aerobed - for all of you to come visit! thanks for putting up with my apartment-search rantings.
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another frustrating day of apartment hunting. for a moment i actually thought of a ways i could quickly get married, just so i could have a 1 br with two incomes...but i figured that probably wasn't the wisest thing to do.

i found a wonderful apartment, just a few hundred more than my budget. but other than that, it's perfect! character. lot's of sunshine. hardwood floors. multiple rooms. close to bistros. beauty.

but i should be faithful to my budget. right?
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there are times in all of our lives when we hit milestones. these shared experiences create a sense of bonding and understanding among humankind. the common expereience after which one grows and learns valuable lessons. last week i had such a milestone - i had my first computer crash.

now, i know what you're thinking. yes, i am a 27 year old who has used computers for most of her life, so how have i gone this long without a crash? perhaps it is luck that allowed me to make it through my undergrad degree without a crash. but alas, it has happened to me. and true to murphy's law, when you most need the document is when the computer crashes.

here is my story - i work all week on a newsletter for our conference attendees last week. remember that i have only 3 weeks worth of industry knowledge with which to compose this newsletter, so gathering the information was in itself a feat. so at 9 pm on wednesday night, right before it was to go to print, ready for a 7 am Thursday distribution, the computer freezes and will not respond to my shouts or ctrl-alt-dels. so i hold the power down, it shuts off, then will no reboot even though it keeps trying and trying. after a frantic search through the hotel yellow pages i learned that no computer techs could solve the problem. i needed a new hard drive.

so that, my friends, is the story of my first computer crash. and that also explains (in addition to running a conference) why i have been offline lately. i feel somehow older, wiser, more mature. and i know that i am now in league with most of you because of this shared experience.

despite the teasing of mi nuevo amor (more on him later- i'd like your advice), i learned that this was not a result of the laptop's suicide attempt from a 12" bench. these things "just happen".
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alright, i'm back. it's been a very long week, and this one promises to be just as long, but i'm here. i've had some creative thoughts...but i have no time to organize them. instead, here is a blurb on the best book i read last year:

"GILEAD" CAPTURES PULITZER: The novel Gilead ... won [a] Pulitzer Prize. Marilynne Robinson won the fiction award for her graceful and thoughtful novel about a 76-year-old Iowa minister looking back at his life and his forebears. [The book] is written in the form of a letter the Rev. John Ames, in failing health, is writing to his 6-year-old son in 1956. It deals with the minister's life and the lives of his father and grandfather, both of them preachers. One is a pacifist, the other is a gun-toting abolitionist. Robinson, who teaches at the Iowa Writers' Workshop in Iowa City, says the novel reflects her belief that "America is quite a religious country, but it's the extremes that have taken over the public discussion. I think many people have a different experience and understanding." (USA Today)

i'll be more back soon...can one be 'more' back?
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go chonger go!!! (or maybe that's 'go will' - that is a beautiful ring!) love you and can't wait to celebrate with you!
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no fear in death
what do you think the pope is thinking about? because you would think that if ever one has no fear of death, it would be him. but yet, we all struggle with unbelief. if even john the baptist questioned Christ, than i think the pope would as well.

is there ever a point during life on earth when we have full faith?
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