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new years
although i feel most people have a disdain for the practice, i actually love new years resolutions. i suppose it is the regeneration - the continuation of life, despite set backs. i love sunsets for the same reason and would say it is what i love most about my salvation too. hope, because of forgiveness and new life.

this list is ambitious, yes, but i see it as continual and i trust it is formed by God's design. it is Him who makes all things beautiful in time. i pray your beauty as i continue in 2005.

1. to have no other expectation in my walk with God but to listen to Him*.
2. to pray with the words He gives me*.
3. to travel (ideas for this year: boston, prague, grand canyon, florida, a.t.).
4. to learn love.
5. to find 'my drink'.
6. to view life as eternal and to save appropriately for this world and beyond.
7. to find a red lipstick that actually looks good on me.
8. to cook.
9. to find adventure where i live and perhaps where i don't live.
10. to spend less money on food and more on others.
11. to replace morning coffee with green tea.
12. to create a new blog with posts about my passion of pop culture and God.
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inspired by david's comment about making money with his site...i've sold my soul to google too. please support my writings by clicking through some of those sites you see linked on the bottom of my page. if nothing else, it will provide me some change to off-set my caffine fix each day and will directly result in better blogging. consider me a charity - it costs you nothing to click! thanks!
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i am a little stunned, sad and gripped by the reports of the tsunami. i feel a little guilty about what i wrote after the hurricanes last year. i feel as though it was insensitive because i had no idea that tsunamis can make this much destruction. patrick wrote an excellent comment on the subject that helps me think through it all.

i would also like to point out this article, which makes me smile at God's provision. did you know that most people that die after volcano eruptions die not of smothering by lava as i had previously thought, but rather for starvation, disease, and mudslides because of the destruction done to the land and crops*? perhaps this is God's way of continuing to provide for those that survive, by maintaining the animals for food/agriculture/etc.

*something i learned in my physical geography class last sememster. good to know that money was not wasted.
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oh liza, liza, liza. still entertaining after all these years.
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this is one of my favorite weeks. an easy workload, fun times with friends and family, i'm usually richer than the week before and it is the sunset of the past year (which i will write about later).

i just got back from florida where i had a very maternal christmas. i spent the time with my mother, my grandmother and her sister, my great-aunt. it was filled with genealogy, fun stories and the entertainment that only two spry women in their 90s can offer. two of the frequently heard phrases and terms were "she's gained quite a few pounds since she first moved here", and my personal favorite "going around the hill" (and yes, that's what you think it is!).

my grandmother and great-aunt great up in new york and i forgot how yankee my family really is. they lived as sophisticated socialites in a world of art and style. a friend of mine recently told me about his family and how important lineage is to them. i haven't given it much thought in terms of who i date and eventually marry, though it is interesting to me now. i suppose it has more to do with the things you have in common (and are able to do), like traveling or certain sports or art or theatre. since those things are often a shared cultural practice, i suppose it makes sense that we pair off with those that are like us. just something i hadn't thought of before and frankly, i'm interested in pursuing. i am grateful for what has been both literally and figuratively be passed down to me. and i am refreshed in my sense of family, creativity and continuity.

in light of this, here are a few things i'd like to do in life, in keeping with my lineage:
1. track family history. this is something i've always loved about anne and sarah's family and i'm excited to learn that my family has done more than i had thought. i'm also excited to see how this expands as our family grows.
2. travel! i've put this off for far too long. first stop will be prague, i think, to visit the history of my family surname.
3. opera. i want to learn so much more about this form of expression and the opera i first want to see is pucinni's turadot.
4. dress well, and dress up often. i have to laugh a little at this, but my grandmother was able to pass off to me dresses that her grandmother wore! perhaps i'm just being nostalgic, but it seems that there was a greater emphasis on quality fifty years ago than there is now.
5. have cocktails. first of all, for the quality time that it brings, but second, for the really swanky glasses!

forgive me as i'm in a romantic mood. i'd like to stay here for a little while, if i may, before the rush of reality returns with the bleakness of january.
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oh, and take THAT rapid city airport tsa screeners!!
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merry christmas everyone! i hope the holiday is great and i'll talk with you all when i get back. love ya'll (virginia's wearing off on me...)!
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well, i'm off for the next several days to the wild, wild west. the first* of the edison girls is getting married this weekend so i'm jet-setting to scenic rapid city, sd. here's to danica and derek!

*the first who wasn't engaged prior to living in the edison house, that is.
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the better employer bureau
i have an idea for a new business. this is a big deal for me, since i'm so not one to think up potential businesses. actually, maybe it shouldn't be a business, since it would actually be a public service rather than for profit. i'm curious to learn what my business-minded friends like david and john have to say...but then again, i probably already know that. "how would this generate revenue?" well, we'll burn that bridge when we get to it.

i want to create a website that rates workplaces for employees much like the better business bureau rates businees for customers. i mean, how great would it be if there were a wherehouse of information for a potential employee where they could see other employee's complaints/praises for the company they worked for. ratings could be based on things like benefits, overtime expectations, travel expectations, and potentially even management (although i suppose that enters very subjective territory).

i ask because i'm being very rudely treated by an organization i am considering working for (and a very large and well-respected one, i might add) and honestly, i can't tell if it's just a busy time of year (holidays) or something, or if the people i'd work for are always this unprofessional. (i'm guessing it's the latter) anyway, this morning i was fantasizing on how i could stop others from working for them, if they turn out to be total jerks in the long run. but short of standing outside the office with a sign, i'm not sure how that's possible. now if only i had the time to start this...
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so everyone has their own addiction, right? we are all drawn to something or somebody that is hard to surrender at will. lydia has her love of peeps. anne, her love of mary tyler moore (and tap, and books, and liza, etc.). well, for me it's my netflix membership. i am helplessly addicted to home-delivered dvds. especially the tv series, which does nothing but such up hours of my life and slots in my queue.

this is now the 4th time i've tried to cancel to no avail. does anyone know of a support group for people like me?
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is it working?
such a simple question that stopped me in my tracks. it was posed to me regarding something very routine and, arguably, insignificant. but i was haulted by the answer that quickly came to my mind. the answer is 'no, it is not working'. how often i pour time, money and resources in to methods that aren't working, but yet i continue them out of routine, fear, laziness, or any number of reasons. but mostly i continue for a lack of creativity.

when was the last time we have asked ourselves - the methods you use in your life to get you through [blank]

...is it working?
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yeah, i hung out with these guys in college. aaahh, good times. thanks pat for the memories.

the one on the bottom is the aforementioned, matt.
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why blog
while waiting for my doctors appointment this morning, i was reading my new favorite book (thanks dave!!), and i got to thinking about why i chose to have a blog in the first place. the book is a piece of unbelievably beautiful literature with unbelievably beautiful descriptions of life, the way that only a dying person (the narrator, told throughout the book in a letter to his son) could describe life.

here is the sample that inspired me:
If Rebecca had lived, she'd be fifty-one, older than your mother is now by ten years. For a long time I used to think how it would be if she walked in that door...Because I always imagined her coming back from a place where everything is known, and hearing my hopes and my speculations the way someone would who has seen the truth face-to-face and would know the full measure of my incomprehension.

what a wonderful description of eternity - a place where everything is known. my hope and my goal is to filter the beauty of life through words, and i hope my blog helps me accomplish this. thanks to all of you who read my words and contribute to this beautiful life. you are loved. and it makes me smile to know you are all loved in eternity.
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Remembering Matthew
i have a lot to blog about, but nothing coherent comes out. so if you would, honor the brief life here on earth that God gave my friend matt by checking out his photo website. and if you feel so inclined, honor the eternal life that God gave Matt by checking out the school that world vision will be building in ethiopia.

so as tamara said, goodbye for a little while.
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