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to channel my inner-Seinfeld...what's up with consultants? i'm a little sick of people who go to kinko's and print letterhead, start a consulting "firm" and begin referring to themselves as an institution. i believe strongly in the power of small business, but i'm not sure that one person does not constitute a "we". i just got a letter from a one-person consulting firm with a paragraph about "the firm's philosophy". if it's your firm, why don't you just state the obvious, that it's your philosophy.

if i ever start consulting, i vow never to refer to myself as a multiple.

oh, and my favorite is a voicemail from a person that says, "all of our consultants are [read: "I am"] out of the office right now. someone [read: "I"] will return your call as soon as we are [read: "I am"] able". yeah. when you get back from starbucks and picking up your son from daycare, give me a call back.
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