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we're ok. borrego (so far) is fine. and carlsbad is also fine (and looks like is in the clear).

i know i added fires to the list of disasters before....but this one was much worse than the foothill fires of 1994.
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we haven't located us yet
the summer has gone and cooler weather is here. i don't really know where the summer has gone, but here i am nonetheless. here are some updates (and more photos):

1) the beginning of my life with chris.

2) my job is going great. just passed $1.5 million raised. not too shabby huh?

3) took a great vacation with great friends (and finally saw jamaica!). anne has a great blog in our trip here.

4) i'm going to be an auntie

5) and bogart is still great

and the title of this post is from the darjeerling limited. i can't wait!
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