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Another one of those whirlwind days! I cannot believe it is almost 1pm. I swear I just arrived in the office. But it is a good busy. Accomplishing a lot, stretching my responsibility. Fighting for myself. I haven't done that in a long time.
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Small pleasures in life -

1. Rediscovering an old pair of jeans.
...now, why did I stop wearing these?
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The Melancholy of August.

The environment is stagnent.
Growth has ceased, as it is squelched by the harsh heat and sun.
Hope has ceased, as it too is lost in the incessant humidity.
It is no wonder that people choose to flee the area for as long as they can; it even makes putting up with family appealing.

June is filled with excitement, as thoughts of cookouts, swimming and relaxing create hope.
July goes quickly as days are filled with activities.
But August just lingers as you try to relieve yourself with lemonade.

September promises comfortable days, but lacks in delivery
October is where hope rewards,
But the cold of winter comes quickly thereafter.
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URRGGGGHHHHH.....am hating men and emotions right now.....
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Before I depart, let me just profess my love for "The Rerun Show".
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I don't really know what to write about, although I feel like I should write something cause it's been a while. I am really not in a deep, contemplative mood.

My office took us to a private home and museum today. It was great. I'd like to be disgustingly rich, collect art, then immortalize myself by turning my estate into a museum. Especially because it's for the better good of society, education and all. Hmm....I am pretty cynical about those intentions. Though I do wonder what I would be if I were grossly rich. I'd like to think I'd use most of my money for others, though sometimes I doubt even my own character. For one thing, I'd pay off my debt. Man I'm sick of having debt. (must pick new song...how's J L Hooker??) I would fund lots of college students as interns for Young Life clubs. Even if they failed miserably. I would buy some pieces of art, though I would like to look for local, non-famous artists. I would like to collect furniture from the 20s, 30s and 40s. I would fix my car...perhaps get another one. Oh....and move to cali...hmm...but where in cali....

Now, not working, that's another question. I'd spend my days getting to know people. People from all walks of life. I think I would fund at least one homeless person. I would find out her (she would be a woman) hopes and dreams, and fund anything necessary for her to accomplish those. I would like to do that for a child as well. The comparison would be interesting. Is it possible to spark drive and inspiration in the adult? Sometimes I think adults lack the will to change their life, but then, maybe that's my parents. Man, I am cynical tonight
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Another whirlwind of a day. I'm ready to go home.

Do I get bonus points for working out first thing on a Monday morning?
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Defining moments in a relationship - The moment you realize, "maybe he's not the right one for me".

Does that moment exist in all relationships? Even the most successful? Is is something you 'trudge through', that you just get over? Is that a mark of maturity in a relationship?
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This morning on the Metro I saw this kid. He was no more than 12 years old and traveling by himself. This is one of the most stylish kids I have ever seen. He had a nice, full 3" afro and was tending to it the entire ride. He proceeded to exit with me at the Van Ness stop.
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Still smell like coffee.....
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Am getting very fed up with incessant discussions about dating among single xians. Much as I love the forum for our church, there is entirely too much discussion/focus on dating. Was it ever intended to be that way? Granted love is never easy, but really...must we analyze it this much? URrrrggghhhh!
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Still smell like coffee.
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Just won free basecoat from opi.com. Supposedly it is the latest in "nail technology", offering 3-4 more days of chip resistance. We shall see.

Does this mean my day is getting better? I also found a free parking spot...for two hours anyway.
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My hope is in Him.
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12. Checks deposited last night have still not shown in account. Perhaps we will add "bounced checks" to this list.
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It is only 10:45 and here is a list of things that have already happened to me:
1. Woke up early to meet courier with print job that was supposed to be in office on Friday afternoon. Since courier "forgot to pick up job", the new arrival time is 8:30 am on Monday, which means I am there by 8:20 to receive the receptionist's phone call.
2. Could not find black socks, had to settle for white.
3. Supposed to leave at 7:25 am, left at 7:35 am.
4. Went to open car door with key, only to find out key doesn't work in car door. After rechecking proper set of keys, tried passenger door (am suddenly grateful for having 1996 Golf instead of 1997, without passenger key entry) and successfully set of car alarm (even though car was unlocked). After turning off alarm, finally opened driver door and attempted to start car. After fear of being blown up was absolved, drove to work.
5. Burned tongue on hot coffee and spilled it on shirt. Now all I smell is coffee as I am wearing a turtleneck and it is right under my nose.
6. Arrive and park at 8:15 am. Find only two quarters to feed meter, one hour's worth of parking time.
7. Arrive in office and find packing from printers waiting outside door. As nice as it was to have the package there, it rendered arriving early useless.
8. Turn on computer and find that emails responded to on Thursday had arrived as new. As it turns out, no emails were received on Friday and it is unknown whether emails sent were received. No records in sent box.
9. Went to feed meter. Deposited 1 quarter with no result. Deposited second quarter with "failed" notice.
10. Went back in office, borrowed 3 quarters. Deposited in new meter. "failed". Deposited new quarter, read "12" minutes instead of 30. Deposited last quarter. "failed". 5 quarters, 12 minutes on the meter.
11. 12 minutes later, moved car to two-hour parking zone. Hate District parking laws.
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I'm drowning in the pool of the consequences of decisions I made.
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"synthetic hope"
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In discussing men this morning, I thought Christy had fascinating criteria - 50% of attractiveness in men is how they wear their pants.
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An interesting subject. Why are the popular people uninterested in it? Does it function like a social step? Something you do to "prove" yourself to others, and then let it slide?

I'm watching this one man in our church give of himself time and time again. I've witnessed at least 5 or more invitations to his house for dinners, movies, etc. And his house ain't too bad. A bar. Big screen tv with cable. And yet, people don't come. I wonder if he's hurt by that. I'm assuming he is, as I would be.

And, yet, I have to examine my own heart. Why am I too exhausted to even clear my own plate after being a guest in someone's house. Is it even exhaustion?

As I yawn four times in a row, alas, to bed I depart.
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"All I did was wonder what his arms could be, then it happened to me"
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It's just one of those days when you don't even have time to use the restroom. This is the first time I've had to breathe all day. And emails? Don't get me started. I think I saw at least 50 fly through my inbox. Whew. And on to meetings tonight.
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