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this weekend i went shopping for a new car. an suv, actually. and before you all cast judgement, here are my reasons for getting as suv:
-i no longer live in the city and currently have a 1.5 mile commute to work
-i am driving through rugged terrain and need the higher ground clearance
-when i do commute, i take highways and would prefer to be in a bigger car if (god-forbid) i have an accident

i have a few other things on my list, like getting an american car since there appears to be no one within a 60 mile radius who knows how to fix a vw. i also want a more 'adult' car, one i can drive colleagues in without being embarrassed.

as i am looking what is out there i realize that i am really drawn towards the gadgets. the only gadgety feature my current car has is that you can close the sunroof when the car is off. but i want more. i want to be able to turn down my music without the strain of moving my arm to the center console. i want a cupholder that holds a venti latte. i want a rearview mirror that dims when jerky drivers behind me have their highbeams on. and yeah, i want leather because i'm tired of trying to get dog fur out of the back seat. is this too much to ask?

this morning it occurred to me that i had the same fascination with those cool pencil boxes from the hello kitty store and i realized that maybe we never really grow up. i mean there are the regular pencil boxes, that may have a couple of compartments and a snapping lid, but i loved (and never got, by the way) the ones that had buttons that popped open a pencil sharpener, an eraser-holder, a propped-up pencil sheath, and still had compartments and a snapping lid. yeah, those were cool. and i want a car that does the same. only this time it's grocery bag-holders in the back, or a dome light that pops out like a flashlight. yeah, that's cool.
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p.s. another great soundtrack.
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best store ever!
YES! finally! the h&m on our coast opens!
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last kiss
i saw the last kiss this today. it is good, though not for everyone. it isn't garden state, though at times has the same feel. it is an honest look at relationships, and i mean honest. i enjoy it like i like the blues. it has soul.

there is a line i spent my whole drive home thinking about. it seems so obvious, but how quickly i forget. if you give up, you will lose her. no one starts out with wanting a relationship to fail, but somewhere along the road we give up.

i want someone to fight myself for.

what you feel only matters to you. it was what you do to the people you love...
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my new favorite site
check it out: paige.yelp.com. this allows me to do something i love to do - share my opinion with lots of people who may or may not care less. and can you believe i was the first to review bean town?

i highly encourage you all to visit yelp, especially when it comes to finding cool places to go. even in very uncreative places like lake elsinore where they are best known for falling from the sky. and if you have a profile, let me know so i can get some friends!

natty and vera and i once plotted to start a dive-bar-reviewing website, but this is much better. i reviewed three of my favorite places up north, and the only one i felt qualified to review down here.

something tells me i have the opportunity to revolutionize borrego springs. ok, well, at least modernize it. i mean, you google a place like dallas or los angeles and you can millions of responses. borrego spring, no so many. i think i may have to change that.

you'll be pleased to know that my newfound confidence is inspired by my new celebrity. you see, i was interviewed for my new position and what that means for the park (this would be a great place to link to the article...except the paper has yet to go online either). my picture was in the paper too, so people now come up to me and say "i know who you are, you were in the paper". nevermind that they don't say my name at that point, just that i was in the paper. if you are interested in seeing the article, let me know and i will send you an autographed copy.
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shooting, eh?
hey look, michael moore was wrong. there is gun violence in canada.
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in case you haven't read the tribute to lisa's father, please do so here. how proud he must be to be a grandfather now. this is his memorial from 2996.

i feel a long way from dc today.
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i saw my first big horn sheep! can you find him in the picture? it was breathtaking.
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ta da
i finally got internet at home! how's this for irony - i ordered dsl online and it took 10 days before i could use it. high speed....yeah....something like that.

anyway, i put some new pics on the flickr account. enjoy. in just a few weeks it should be cool enough for me to start exploring the park. for the meantime, enjoy the pics i took around town.
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