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exploding head
do you ever feel like there is just so much to remember in life? i had my teeth cleaned this morning and six months ago i completely forgot about my cleaning appointment. i was proud of myself for remembering this time!

hearing my hygenist nag me about my flossing, i thought of all the things i have to keep track of in life. aside from teeth cleaning 2x a year, there's daily flossing, changing of toothbrush every 3 months, changing the oil in my car every 3 months, changing the batteries in my smoke detectors 2x a year, etc. and then there's spring cleaning, car maintainence, dog vaccinations, paying rent...and the list goes on. i guess that's why they invented outlook. or as my dad would say, i guess that's why God invented a paper and pen.
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ooo spooky
i was skimming through my blog today and found something. how weird is this. i actually blogged about what was to be my future employer, more than a year before. ca-reeppy
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love day
happy valentine's day (or what's left of it)

i am really not one for overdoing the festivities, though i'm also not militantly against it. this is most likely because the last time i had a boyfriend on the actual day was 8th grade. i do like the idea of a day to celebrate love.

my city is however very in to the idea. today i saw a mother dressed entirely in red while toting two young childred in white and red. it made me smile. and everywhere you looked there were vendors with flowers, heart-shaped boxes, etc. i mean, what other day can you accept a man walking down the street with a huge, red teddy bear?

go ahead, be sappy. i love you all!
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