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i was awaken this morning by the sound of the trash truck not taking our trash. hmmph.

why is it that you always want to sleep later when you can't, and when you can, you aren't able to?

but i did get to see a fabulous sunrise this morning. and, i will be in california when i fall asleep tonight!
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status of me:

1 job. going ok. been a very crappy and stressful past two weeks, though this week's end finished on a lighter note.
1 part time job. or, well, i think i have a part time job, though haven't actually started. did take advantage of my discount for xmas presents though.
1 sister.
1 soon-to-be brother-in-law. never had a brother and always wished for one.
5 bills to be paid prior to leaving for xmas.
4 days until on a plane to lax.
6 days until i will be walking around disneyland.
5 old friends i am despirately looking forward to seeing again.
1 car. still running though she gave me quite a scare this month.
4 new tires.
1 passed state inspection certification.
1 current virginia car registration somewhere in the mail.
3 cds i want for xmas.
0 cds received for xmas.
1 giftcard to borders with the intention of purchasing...
1 new cd.
8 minutes until my laundry is done and i may rest my head.
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ok, so i know i should be blogging about my santa experience, but i'm thoroughly frustrated with something. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET DISCOUNT TICKETS TO DISNEYLAND???!!! i have been going through some serious tomorrowland withdrawl, and i am dying to go see the mouse when i'm home next week....BUT....tickets are like $45! unbelievable! i miss the days when we would go for $23 in junior high.

so, being as resourceful as i am, i thought of polling my friends in la to see who can get tix through their places of employement. it seems to me that not very long ago hr departments were offering tix at very reasonable prices. but apparently not anymore! which boggles my mind because i have read many an la times article that says disneyland is hurting since it opened this blasphemous california-land. but, nonetheless, i am still ticketless.

plan b. aaa. good news-they sell discounted disneyland tix. bad news-they are only multi-day "passports" to the aforementioned land. (which, btw, wasn't the whole premise of disneyland at it's inception in the 50s, that one admission price will grant you all day access to all attractions???!!! where are you now, walt!) anyway, i do not need to spend more than one day in orange county, but it looks like i may just do so. what has happened to the socal that i left two years ago??

again, i ask, does anyone know how to obtain discount tickets to disneyland?
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tomorrow i will deliver the presents we bought for the family. i am anxious, if not scared. what is it about charity that makes us uneasy? is it the fear of rejection? i suppose there is a certain amount of me in what i give away. yes, i believe i put my heart into what i do and i cannot bear to have it crushed.

but that is not entirely it....there must be more because that answer is too simple.
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the man was on my train again this morning, this time between woodley park and cleveland park. he sang a rendition of oh little town of bethlehem. there's just something to those christmas carols, someone knew what he or she was writing.

the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.
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this evening i spent about three hours in target. christmas shopping. much as i love target, i'm not sure i've ever spent that much time there. however, i did enjoy it. you see, i had the honor of coordinating the adopt-a-family events that our office is doing. we are providing christmas presents to two parents and their five children.

now, i must say that i have been out of touch with the younger generations these days. the last i remember of children's trends it was pokemon and power rangers. now it's bob the builder and dora the explorer (which does not rhyme, by the way). but, i hear they are great programs, and that is what the kids want, so i complied. three giant target bags and a few dollars later, i have a whole back seat worth of presents. i do sort of feel like santa claus - maybe i should wear my red hat on the metro tomorrow as i haul those bags with me to the office. we'll see.

i must also admit that i feel a lesson coming on. this particular family that we are sponsering is not through any kind of program, but rather a referral from deb. i have intimate knowledge of this family's wish list - perhaps a bit too intimate. for example, i am growing insecure because, as i am conversing with the mother on the phone, i realize maybe i won't get exactly what they want. what if they scoff at our attempt to fill their wishes? what if they want what we can't provide for them? this will be an adventure to meet them. this is perhaps what charity is - completely releasing something that you believe to be yours, even if it means it gets squandered, wasted or refused.
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this morning, on my commute to work, a man stood in the middle of the train and said, "excuse me" very loud. i, like most in washington these days, looked up to make sure we had a handle on the situation. i saw a little asian man with an open book in his hand. he began singing with a very think accent joy to the world. in my head i was singing along and i wondered how many others were too. no one was singing aloud, and most returned to their reading or staring. the man sang the familiar choruses and concluded by saying, "thank you and have a blessed day". i heard one person acknowledge his song with a faint, "thank you" as he left the train. one stop, that's all he stayed with us. one round of a christmas carol, that's what he presented to us. i found myself singing that christmas carol for the next several hours.

where would i go if God called me?
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please excuse previous moments of emotional blogging. i am a girl.
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i am going to need lots of coffee today.

what am i doing? how did i get here? is this where i want to be? are these people really my friends? sometimes i feel like i am someone to hang out with because there's nothing else to do. i am here because i affirm people, give them things - time, gifts, service, listening ear, whatever. not to sound all jimmy stewart here, but if i left, would life really be any different? yeah, it would suck because there's no one to serve food on sunday nights, and no one to answer the question, "hey, what's going on tonight?", or to contribute to rent and a clean house. i want to cry, scream, and slink away all at the same time.

i may need something stronger than coffee today. ciggy anyone?
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today is my very first snow day! for the die-hard winter enthusiests,yes, it's not really a snow day. it's only about 6 inches, and the government didn't even shut down. but still, i managed to finagle my way out of work for the day. i live just far enough from the metro, and i won't even try to drive. please, can you imagine this cali girl trying to scoot around with my little car? yahoo! i plan on catching up on tlc stories, oprah, make snowmen, peg some people with snowballs, and generally do nothing. so far, i've had lunch and played ping pong with lane. perhaps too much life pondering for a day like today, but alas, it's been a while. ta ta!
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i work in the building owned by a very large telecommunications satellite company. over the weekend they decided to conduct a few lay-offs. my guess is that it effected close to one-fourth of it's employees. and, keep in mind, this past weekend was thanksgiving.

the company's method of choice for downsizing was personal phone call. a nice gesture, perhaps, except that the thanksgiving weekend is the biggest travel holiday of the year. as a secondary measure, they fedexed notices to people's homes, also on sunday. now, as if getting that news is not hard enough, imagine you happened to miss a message on your answering machine, or the fedex wasn't delivered properly, and you show up for work on monday as usual. oh, but the company thought of this too. they hired extra security (the irony in that is amazing) and made people enter through the door with their id badge one at a time. having no idea what was going on, several people were 'notified' of their dismissal because their security badge was turned off. happy holidays, employees!
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