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you gotta love it. maybe you're having it, or maybe you aren't. but you can't deny its influence.

as a christian i have had my fair share of sexual influences. don't do it, do it and be "bad", do it and pretend it doesn't matter, etc. there is no shortage of people willing to give advice about sex.

this book on chastity caught my eye. and what is more interesting is the publisher. in dc i had a relationship with a man who was all gung-ho on this theory of dating as given by the man who owns this publishing company. the man's theory is that the book of the bible, song of solomon, is entirely and literally a model for relationships. i remember his literary interpretations being a tad liberal, but it was interesting nonetheless. and of course, the woman was praised for her chastity.

i spoke with a friend last night who just broke up with her boyfriend. sex had a lot to do with it - she wanted to wait, he got frustrated. i'm glad she didn't sleep with him because who knows if they would have made it as a couple and if they didn't, she would have been filled with regret. but the fact that they did not sleep together is a reason they are no longer together now. i guess if a couple is meant to be together, having sex doesn't not necessarily matter (my christian friends will be quick to state the contrary, however).
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happy valentines day

wake me up when it's over,
wake me up when it's done,
when he's gone away and taken everything,
wake me up.

wake me up when the skies are clearing,
when the water is still,
'cause i will not watch the ships sail away so,
please say you will.

if it were any other day,
this wouldn't get the best of me.

but today i'm not so strong,
so lay me down with a sad song,
and when it stops then you know i've been,
gone too long.

but don't shake me awake,
don't bend me or i will break,
come find me somewhere between my dreams,
with the sun on my face.

i will still feel it later on,
but for now i'd rather be asleep.
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