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ooh, this is going to be fun to keep track of....although, i'm not sure i'm in total agreement with the marketing implications of this site...hmmm....

btw, i apologize for being so mia. it's been insane lately, just moving so fast that i haven't had time to really record my thoughts. not that i haven't had some pretty good ones, just found it challenging to discipline myself to find the website and type. here's a recap - work, snow, two chefs (local grease joint in stumbling distance of our house - great for being snowed in), lot's of tlc, not enough cleaning, bumming rides while car is out of service, work, rain, ice, rain, white house, soaked pantlegs, blueberry pancakes, flooded basement, fog and crabs, snowball fights, church and embassies, stinky basement, convo with dad, work, ice, laundry, work, blog. insert astute observations into any of the previous events, and you have my week.
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i'm stuck inside all day today because of the weather. they even cancelled church, which to me is silly. but, i do know that my sister's little nissan (my vw is finally getting its locks fixed) would not win in the battle with 14 inches of snow.

so that leaves me here with internet access, must see tv from last thursday, the safeway down the street, and i book which i adore but cannot seem to finish. with all of this cold, white weather i think i will continue on my plot to return to california which has been on hold for a few weeks while i prepare for a wedding.
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i suppose i should have some smart comments about valentine's day....but i will have to wait, cause frankly, i don't care. i have an incredible date tonight, so i have no complaints!

for your entertainment pleasure today, however, may i recommend this. make sure he does the moonwalk for you...
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tonight i went two-steppin and enjoyed great company, a fabulous band and talented dancers. i watched one man, in particular, dance with several women. none of the women looked terribly experienced at dancing, but yet, they were able to follow this man quite well. as a result, they looked beautiful. it is amazing how any woman can be breath-taking in the arms of a good dancer.

i have heard people compare relationships with dancing, like dancing is almost symbolic of the ways of a man and woman. but it is true - a man can make any woman beautiful if he chooses to. a woman can make any man beautiful if she desires to as well. it is best when the give and take are perfected.
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two things i took note of this morning -
1. a man is running for office today and stood by the metro to pass out fliers and talk to those who are interested.
2. a young couple was braving the turmultuous crowds at metro center and the man gently put his arm around the woman.

sometimes i surprise myself with what i notice in the world. what is it about these two, small, actions that makes me stop to think twice about them? though everyday is not election day, there is still something very purist about a candidate meeting people and asking for votes. for some reason this man's actions stuck out to me. i know that he is not above corruption, but he had an eagernes and passion in his desire to serve.

and the couple - his action and her response spoke to me. it was a small gesture, not intended for public consumption, but yet it had a voice. he cares for her and she responds to him. it was a move of protection and affection. pure.
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