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i am beginning to understand that guilt is really just enlightened perspective.
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maybe this happens to others out there, but i think i'm the only one. this is now the third doctor's appointment for something embarrassing where i have been seen by a really hot doctor. i mean, why is it only the embarrassing procedures, why can't it be a teeth cleaning or flu shot or something*. i believe that this should be listed in a physician directory so that we can consider it among the other criteria for picking a doctor. picture this - board certified, specialties, moderately attractive at age 32. what do you think?

*and don't think for a second that i'm going to share with you my embarrassing medical situation. :)
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contributing to the war on terror
chuck colson wrote a very bold and interesting article for ct. i personally believe his link between fighting gay marriage and the war on terror is a bit far-fetched. (and, by the way, i'm getting really tired of the political arguments for the war on terror, that are really nothing more than a campaign ploy for bc04 and ke04..."by buying drugs in canada you're contributing to the war on terror"..."by driving suv's you're contributing to the war on terror"...etc...but i digress). however, the man's discussion brings up some interesting points.

1. the war is really religious. we cannot leave this out when discussing the war. it is not about bush being a christian either. it's really about how our ideas of freedom are so intertwined with the christian religion - "one nation under God, indivisble, with liberty and justice for all". in the international community, freedom, democracy and christianity are observed as one in the same.

2. freedom and christianity are intertwined. this is first of all because of the founders of this country. it is the christian religion that brought "freedom" and everything that comes after it. colson's right that our religion created the systems of this nation, which in turn lead to the moral decline of our society. i've seen this in my personal life. at times i abuse the freedom that Christ gave me to enjoy what i want to enjoy. if you multiply my experience with the millions of other americans', you get a morally declined society.

3. even though the war is between the two religious forces, they are fighting for the same end. both nations (to be clear, i'm using the true definition of the term 'nation' here - a group of people with common practices, in this case, religion) are fighting to rid their societies of what they see as evil. the thing is, they both define 'evil' the same way.

and, to answer colson's ultimate thesis and plea, the way i see it, it's the war on terror that is contributing to the war on terror.
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welcome back jenn!

do you ever have so much to think about that your head hurts? i feel like i'm running full force in so many directions...running physically too, but i do mean mentally in this case. there is so much to process in life, so much preparation and so much maintenance. but i love it. this is what life is about, and this is inspiring. i'm making connections, getting work accomplished, effecting change and effecting lives. wee! life.
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there are a few theological items i've been working through lately. what do you think?

1.) "christian" is not an adjective and yet it is so often used as one. "christian music", "christian themes", "chritian book", etc.

2.) how does faith differ from work, in the romans 8 sense of the terms, "by grace you are saved through faith. it is a gift of God not by works, lest any man should boast." but when it comes down to the "through faith" part, isn't doesn't that require my action (submission) and therefore working? as an example, let's say i'm trying to give up sex. each time i am tempted to have sex, i must then "have faith", which really means that i'm restraining myself from going through the act. is it only faith if it is passive and works if it is active? but really, aren't i taking action by not participating in the activity in question? perhaps this is where knowing the greek word definition would come in handy, since i'm guessing they meant two different things back then.

3.) why do we have times where God feels 'not real', but just an abstract thought? and yet there are times when God feels very close, usually during extreme times.

for my good friends who are christian, please don't panic as you read this. i'm not having a crisis of faith. i actually believe this questioning is healthy and strengthening my faith. personally, i panic when people don't question like this.

perhaps i am ready for more focused and academic study of these subjects.
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by the way, i watched this program last night on pbs and i highly recommend it.
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aww, look: we've gained our fifteen minutes of blogger fame. as for me, i'm in jeans and a black cartigan. i decided to dress up today
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it is a strange feeling when you know you will never see someone again. i have felt the emotion of thinking someone is gone, but then you're able to see them again. and i know there are many times that i didn't realize it was the last time to see someone. but this was different. i have a core feeling that my goodbye was really goodbye. i am sad, but excited for the new part of life.
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life's little victories
...dashing up to the train and sliding in just before the doors shut. bonus points when you look around and notice it's a new train.
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an actual statement i heard this morning in the lobby of my building:

(mother speaking to her 2 year old child): no honey, this is an old fashioned door. you have to push it for it to open. you can't just push a button.


OLD FASHIONED!!! since when did expending minimal physical effort classify as 'old fashioned'? and since when did handicapped-accessible doors become modern? although, i must confess that i too have pushed the blue button at school. but only cause i hate trying to get through two sets of heavy doors with my school books in hand! ok, so that doesn't justify it...
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since i'm dwelling in this awe-of-christian-intellectual-writers moment, i will once again comment on work by lauren, in this interview. here she mentions that in her conversion from judaism to christianity she lost some friendships because the social context for the relationship ceased to exist. this makes me question my personal motives and the motives of others in my christian community. not for any motive that could be judged as 'wrong', but rather just the motivation. do we join a christian community because it meets a certain social need?

and further, i am struck by the conflicting messages that the church gives. we are to reach out to others for the purpose of sharing the gospel, but how can we do that amidst the social context we have built for ourselves. literally, when can we see others outside of our church when we spend our time at biblestudy, movie nights or ultimate frisbee games? are we supposed to have both lives? i've tried to merge social contexts, but it has proven to be quite challenging. therefore, i believe we are not to have separate lives, but rather we are to live in the community. the worldly community.
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this is why i love lauren winner! why doesn't my brain produce stuff like that?

annie, when are we going to see her? she's in north carolina in october. care to road trip south?
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the sadest day of the year
today is a sad day. robin remarked that 'everyone decided to wear black', which is true. my toes are screaming at me for being confined to a pair of shoes. even the sky is crying for the loss of summer. i wore every last thread of linen that i had over the weekend. and now i must pack those clothes up along with my straw hat and little purses.

good bye summer. have a peaceful slumber and i shall see you again in may. i miss you already.
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i want the peace of God when the peace of God is not the dominant reality of my own life.

dude, you all have got to listen to some of his sermons. click here and scroll down to nov 5, 6, 7 for his sermons and i HIGHLY recommend playing nov 7. especially natty...at the very least listen to the begining.
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but...look who else i found! it's rob!
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for some of you this will make perfect sense...and for some it will make no sense. for that i apologize in advance.

anyone remember me mentioning that very *ahem* definitive sg experience? yeah, well, check out this book about good sex. the author is the absent leader.
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