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today is my big sister's golden birthday. as she is my older sister, i have naturally looked up to her. she has always been a leader and pioneered the way through life - at least my life. she broke our parents in for me, just like she broke in many things for me.

though there are few things we disliked more than receiving 'share' gifts at christmas time, i have come to learn that we spent our lives sharing. we have shared rooms and houses, successes and mistakes. we have shared clothes and toys, and friends and cars. and even more so these past few years, i think we've even come to share advice.

to the beautiful, admirable, wise, successful and generous woman that is my sister -- happy birthday. there is no one else i would ever want for my big sister. from casa grande to kennedy, i am proud to follow in your footsteps. may the next 29 years (or 70, as kurt's wife) be full of the blessings you deserve.

happy birthday, courtney.
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do you know how sometimes you are walking down the street and you notice another person walking ahead of you, going the other way? you know how sometimes the two of you are walking in the same line and you start to debate with yourself which side of the street to move towards, to let them pass? and you know how it all kind of happens in slow motion and sometimes you end up choosing the same side to step to and doing the little 'dance' with that person? well, don't you usually just smile and laugh a little at the circumstance and maybe apologize to the person?

well, i had one of those interactions this morning on my way out of the metro station. only this time the person was coming at me from around the corner (with enough time to notice that we were approaching eachother). i hesitated on how best to pass him, and i'm completely content with letting others pass before me (although, he was a man...to which i ask, where was shivalry?...but that's not the point). well, we made it through ok without even missing a step or doing the dance. after i pass him, i hear mumble, mumble...out of the way, bitch! i couldn't believe it! i turned around, about to slug him, but he was far enough away that it wasn't worth it. but then i started thinking about it. i can't remember when i've been called a bitch before. i almost started crying (i know, i know, but i'm a girl...), and am still really hurt just thinking about it now.

the power of words truly amazes me.
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this makes me homesick for pasadena. i miss the architecture of southern california, the uniqueness of the homes.
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ok, a phone that doesn't require your ear for communication is just plain weird. and frankly, quite scary. maybe this is a farce, but matt drudge didn't seem to think so.
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well, back in the office after a weekend of recovery from sickness and no snow. it's not fun to get sick on a three day weekend, but oh well.

in other news, i learned from this morning's post express the answer to my previous quest about epiphany. apparently the holiday commemorates the baptism of Jesus and the coming of the wise men. huh. pretty cool. if you check out page 5 of the post express, you can see a picture of a very brave (and somewhat silly) man jumping into a frozen lake. as my dad would say, if you're not careful, you'll learn something new every day.
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so, no snow day. no snow. not even a flake.

oh well.
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repeat to self - snow day, snow day, snow day, snow day

my fingers are crossed.....
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this morning, on the today show, matt turned to katie before the commercial break and asked, "do you know what a blog is?" katie replied, "i know it has something to do with the internet." and matt, taking his cue like a true anchor, turns to the camera and says with a ton of concern, "after the break, we'll be talking about blogging. your kids may be doing it, and what you need to know."

you'd think kids were, i don't know....dancing or something! gotta love the media. but anyway, here's the piece, if you want to read it. am i a compulsive self-chronicler?
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in life there are times to be conservative and times to be liberal. i'm not really referring to politics here, although certainly this applies in the political arena as well. the art is really in knowing when to be conservative and when to be liberal. one should be conservative, say, with consuming a cheesecake. however, one should be liberal with the application of hand lotion (or at least the frequency of it, as necessity dictates).

spoken like a true independant?
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boring, boring, boring.

my life is so boring right now i can hardly stand it. the highlight of my day so far has been seeing my diet-obsessed, waifly boss sneaking a chocolate from my coworkers stash. pretty sad, huh?

hmm...how to make my life more exciting....
school? starting next week.
family? not sure i want that kind of stimulation.
entertainment? i've seen quite a few movies lately and just finished a very cool book (see metro reading, to the right).
travel? thinking about it, which may be why my life appears so boring at this moment.
pregnancy? hmm...nah, i'd better not.
men? ha! i know i don't want that kind of stimulation right now.
murderous rampage? tempting, but it didn't work for scott peterson or that guy in ga, so i'd better not.

i guess i really need patience.

interestingly, though, there has been a significant decline in the amount of spam in my hotmail account (which is my email-address-to-use-when-requested-by-a-website account) and an increase in the spam to my yahoo account (my supposed 'personal' account). perhaps it's time to change personal email accounts. i wonder if smaigers@yahoo.com is taken?
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there is a description in the january 6, 2004 box of my calendar, where a holiday description would go. but this description simply reads, epiphany. i found it to be a little odd because usually there's something else besides just the holiday title. something like (CAN), to show that it is a canadian holiday, but this has simply the one word.

and it is an odd but appropriate word at that. i mean, what is january 6, if not the day of epiphanies. it is exactly 6 days into one's new year. a day of realizing the expectations set forth in one's resolution. or at least realizing that reality of them. it is also a day of reflection on the holiday past - be it good or bad. it is a day to understand that there are times of vacation, and times of work. and yet, at six days into the year, not yet one week has passed. there are still fifty-one more weeks until the next new year.

alas, all this pondering, and i have yet to receive an epiphany. my holiday was dually thought provoking and restful. my new year, full of love and challenge. if not a year of epiphanies, it will be a year of dramatic change.

to epiphanies! to 2004!
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