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alrighty, so this week has been kind of a blah week for you all. my apologies on the stream-of-consciousness posts that mean nothing to most people. when i have the time to be more creative, i promise i will.

in other news, i drove the new strip of the 110 today. the one that scoots the road further away from the pentagon (and the corresponding tanks with guns drawn) and rigth beside the day care center. honestly, it's a toss up for me. i mean, our nations youth (even the sons and daughters of top military officials) are a priority. but, i suppose so are the military leaders actually working on the safety of the whole nation. that, and if the military leaders were to be blown up, it would still take a good 18 or so years before the kids in day care could be of defensive help.

eeh, now my head hurts from thinking. here, read this. it's funny.
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oh wait, no it hasn't....i just have an old link in my favorites file.

i should probably delete this whole entry, but i won't. i have nothing more to write.
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doom! we're all doomed! (i love that fedex commercial!)

the onion has gone to premium service only!

it is a sad, sad day.
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so, i went with my boss to get free ice cream from ben & jerry's. there was a line when we got there. a small one, but a line nonetheless. he turns to me and says, 'come on, let's get ice cream from safeway. i'll buy you one.'

kinda defeats the purpose of the free ice cream day. but the drumstick was good.
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i had an amazing weekend! so amazing...i don't even know where to begin!

i was reunited with one of my greatest passions. you know that feeling that just fires your whole inside? when you are so pumped about it that you can hardly even sort it all out? ok, maybe that's just me and my compulsively-thinking mind. but anyway, i can't stop thinking about it and it's been too long since i've pursued it. i've been dabbling in it...but it's time to be more serious about it. correct me if i'm wrong, but if God gives you a passion for something, you should pursue it. i'll keep you all posted as it happens, and i know you're dying to know about it. i may start a new blog or something for it....we'll see.

in addition, there are other passions from the weekend. some were new while others were reunitings. for example, i got to see another yl property. i got to experience good christian rap, which i had previously thought was an oxymoron. check out lavoisier, you'll see what i mean. i got to learn from this amazing social commentator about hip hop marketing and the counterrevolutionary approach for american youth. check out american brandstand for some sobering stats on that subject.

aah, what a great weekend.

do you believe in love at first sight?
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ok, feeling a little less stressed. though i don't know exactly what i did to feel less stressed. grace?

but anyway, almost nothing has changed in my life except that i've finished a few more projects at work. all the same stress-inducers exsist. but....eh....i don't care. i'm heading out of this town. well, at least for two days.

hasta luego.
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below are snippets from my dreams:

-i set fire to the garage where my car was being repaired because i was angry that i kept having to bring it in to get it fixed. which would have worked fine except that for some reason my sister and brother-in-law lived above the garage and it wasn't of much concern (until retrospective thinking) that they would be injured or lose their things. what was most upsetting was that it didn't work - the neighbor's house burned down and the garage for some reason was fine. the main part of the dream was after i did this, realized my family was ok, and they were helping me dodge the criminal liabilities for this event. i woke up before the retribution hit.

-i had sole possession of a letter written to president bush from michael jackson. this was because he left it for the mailman in a box outside a house (that looked quite similar to natty's). the majority of the dream was spent wondering first who to tell (friends, press, etc.) and then whether to open it or not. it was my understanding that the letter contained a full confessional to the allegations. my wondering was quickly solved when patrick grabbed the letter, opened it and we all read it. my alarm went off before i could gather the details of the confessional.

-i was being pressured for not completing a sdl sheet, or whatever it is, of contacts for marketing a specific product. i was being 'spoken to' about it - to the point where i was about to get fired. i felt very paniced and mad at myself for not completing the project. (this dream came after i was editing my sister's legal discloser/briefing thing (yeah, like i know what it's called!) about a case where one business was potentially going to sue an ex-employee for stealing trade secrets and thus increasing the sales at the new place of employment)

can you tell i'm feeling a little pressured these days? not to worry - i have no real plans to burn down buildings or steal from employers. but i do have to laugh at the irrationality of dreams. i think the weekend at the lake will do me some good.
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i've noticed a direct, inverse relationship between my workload and the length/quality/frequency of my blogging. the greater the workload, the less the blogging.

i hope to be back to the land of the social and creative soon.
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moving away from the rain

today is the 4th consecutive day of rain. nonstop. and cold. is it just april showers?

a coworker of mine told me about this website called www.findyourspot.com which, after you take a short-ish quiz, will give you suggestions on places you would enjoy living. the website bases its results on such topics as weather, cultural opportunities, religious preferences, accessibility, and geographical or population preferences.

this particular coworker told me about it because he was laughing at how right-on the results were, because he'd already lived in the city, currently lives in the city, or is considering living in the city. i thought this would be a great opportunity for a computer to confirm my desires for the west coast.

my results?
#1 Honolulu, HI (yeah, that one surprised me!)
#2 St. George, UT
#3 Seattle
#4 Las Vegas
(#5 is too outrageous to even mention!)
#6 Portland, OR

i'm not quite sure why they didn't factor in my "strongly disagree"s regarding my loathing of rain. but i hear seattle and portland are great....

it also gave me 15 more suggestions, of which i'm pretty excited. charleston, sc was one. so were little rock, ak, jacksonville, fl, and cincinnati.

i think i'm most interested in knoxville, tn, charleston, sc, norfolk, va, el paso, and phoenix.

and, arubaman, sadly it did not list ok city. how's tulsa though? it said i'd like that one?

however, i decided to fire the website because it suggested san bernadino and san jose - two cities i sincerely dislike.
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i think our office is the only one still open and functioning today. my trillian is sadly empty. my email boxes have not had much lovin'. and downtown bethesda is even pretty sparse. (sigh) 3.75 hours to go...until?....oh yeah, see below. (sigh)
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life is swallowing me up at the moment. i know i'll be able to climb out of its mouth, but i'm feeling the stress. it has been near impossible to get up this week, despite ignoring my alarm a few times and driving into work. i am exactly 3.5 papers behind in what i need to submit before my next class on thursday. and i need to do my econ homework sometime between dinner with carrie tonight and bed. after sleeping a few hours tonight, i'll get up, go to class, find a computer and work on more papers, drive to pg county, referee a basketball game (ha! i pity those poor players....), drive home and study the telecom industry for the remainder of the night. crash. get up for the early easter service, have coffee/breakfast with kathy, easter lunch #1 with kelly, easter dinner #2 with annie, work on more papers, research more industry. crash even harder.


anyone wanna trade lives? it's just for the weekend, i promise!
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some days you just want to have a drink or two at work. fortunately, today, there's a good excuse to. check out this condi testimony drinking game. too bad i'm not drinking these days....
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hehe....look notice this job announcement, with an unfortunate abbreviation:

Executive Assistant
A boutique public relations firm in Washington, DC is seeking to hire an executive assistant to support top management and overall office administrative needs. The ideal candidate for this position would have 4 to 6 years of experience in an executive ass [More Info...]

aah, sometimes it's good to just laugh at things with a junior high maturity.

we'll discuss at a later time why i'm looking at these....grrr.....
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the post had an interesting perspective on the gay marriage debate.
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i ran 10 miles i ran 10 miles i ran 10 miles!!!

yup, i did. i finished (goal #1). i did it in 1:57:02 (surpassing goal #2 of 2 hrs - 2:10 hrs). and i feel great (hindsight goal #3). i even did it in 50 degree, rainy weather with wind gusts up to 50 mph. and i've got a stylish baby blue and pink t-shirt to show for it.

but it was fun. it's always so much better to run a race than just a long run becuase there's so many people around, they cheer you on, and you get to see the scenery (which for this race was great!). i got to evesdrop on peoples conversations and it's really kind of fun the things you learn. (evesdropping is inevidable...there's so many people that you run so close to eachother....gimme a break!) my favorite convo was the psychotherapist-1st time author who was talking with a lawyer for the usps. interesting.

anyway, as kirsten said...running these races just makes you want to run more. so, here it is, in writing (typing?). i'm signing up today for the lottery to register for the marine corps marathon. tomorrow i'm signing up for the army 10 miler. and i'm searching for my half-marathon...

is this crazy?
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i must say that i am somewhat impressed that my word application knows how to spell check and suggest a change for 'condoleezza'. computers amaze me.

ps. hollis was great...about what i would expect from her. although she didn't seem too interested in being in dc, we all had a good time.

i promise to write something more interesting soon. it's been a little nuts around here. now, back to the paper(s) that are due in a half hour.....
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