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this morning i drove to work. i drove down a street by a school that was undergoing some construction. since they had torn up all of the old street and given it that temporary pavement, they needed to re-draw the lines on the street. i had to laugh when i passed the big, white word "SCOOOL".
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can i gripe for a minute and express a new pet pieve of mine? i find it extremely annoying when people compose a message entirely in the subject line with no message in the "message" part of an email. grrrr!!!

ok, thanks for listening.
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so i have now successfully lived through a hurricane. (yes, technically it was a hurricane for a few hours before they downgraded it to 'tropical storm')

that makes natural disasters that i have been though - snow storms, ice storms, hurricane, earthquakes and fires. now i'm just waiting for an avalanche, blizzard, tornado, tsunami and valcanic eruption.
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an excerpt from my monday evening political science class. (by the way, have i mentioned i'm also back in school?)

student #1 (in response to our class discussion on the 9th circuit court decision to postpone the recall in california) - i have a couple of the voting machines that were used in florida. i can bring one in next week, if you'd like.

professor (same conversation, as a casual sideline to the number of judges in the 9th circuit court) - ...i'm not sure how many judges are in that perticular court -
student #2 - oh, there are eleven.
professor - ok, well, i'm sure it's around that number.
student #2 - oh yes, there are eleven.
professor (changing subject) - ok then. eleven.

student #3 (when the class was asked to begin the discussion on current events effecting state and local politics) - i read today that michael jackson opened his ranch to the public today. the tickets were $5,000.

it should be an interesting semester.
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this morning, on my way to work, i saw a small group of people holding hands and bowing their heads in front of the pentagon. it was especially interesting because there was a man in buddhist garb, shaved head and everything. there were a few, small signs on the ground, but none that i could read.

these few people huddled in a circle were closely guarded by eight, alarmed and very interested military and security men.

again, i have not decided yet if my commute via the pentagon is the safest in the area, or the scariest.
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see what i mean? weird day....

Man uses nose to roll nut across London
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Sept. 12, 2003 | LONDON (AP) -- A protester rolled a nut to Prime Minister Tony Blair's doorstep with his nose on Friday, completing a 7-mile journey across London aimed at highlighting the issue of student debt.

Mark McGowan, 37, crawled on his hands and knees for 11 days as he pushed the nut from Goldsmiths College in southeast London to Downing Street using his nose.

"I wanted to do something that was particularly difficult, so I think I've proved the point there," said McGowan, who wore a bandage on the tip of his nose. He had spent eight hours a day since Sept. 1 pushing the nut through the capital.
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what a strange morning - johnny cash dies, john ritter dies. sad, surprising, but it makes me smile a little that johnny gets to see june.

and last night i dreamt anne had an impromtu wedding to a guy i didn't know from winchester. we had to throw this wedding together in one day and it was in a garage. but anne was happy as a clam and didn't seem to mind the fake flowers or informal attire. perhaps she 'just knew'.

and i can't get ring of fire out of my head. ...and burns, burns, burns....
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have you seen the instructions of a frozen meal? do you know how it says to "let stand 1-2 minutes before consuming"?

despite the legal benefits, i think that guidance is there so that the parts of the food that are scalding can diffuse and heat up the parts of the meal that are still frozen.
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i apologize for not blogging lately, but i think i will take a blogging holiday.
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