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guess what? hollis is going to be book signing in dc tonight! yippie!
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sometimes, on my long runs, i need a little extra motivation. to help get me through....i sing the rocky theme song in my head. da da ta da...da da...da da...duh duh...dun nah nah...dun nah nah...duh nah nah...duh nah nah....

yup, my mind works in weird ways. but i tell you, it helps!

6 more days.....
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paige and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

last night i decided it was important for me to do some laundry, which i did. only, while i was loading the washer, one of my socks fell into the sink. that wouldn't be bad in and of itself, except that it fell in the precise point on the drain to clog it up. yes, i successfully flooded the laundry room which is adjacent to my apartment, and therefore, flooded my apartment. they have automatic drains in california, i think i'll move to california. it's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

i'm willing to get over that, except, i awoke this morning to hear the weather report say, "no more rain after last night's rain". last night's rain? yeah, guess who accidentally left her sunroof open after driving to the gym last night? it doesn't rain in california. it's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

i'm still willing to get over both of these things, except, this morning i forgot that we're out of coffee and our secretary (who usually tracks and buys the coffee) is out for the next few days. i spent on hour, yes, 60 minutes, tracking down our tax-exempt corporate charge card so i could buy the darn coffee. we buy our coffee at starbucks in california, instead of making it. it's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

and yes, i'm even willing to get over that, except, when i made the coffee, the pot cracked, stuck to the bottom of the coffee maker, leaked and broke. in california, pots don't break becuase you get your coffee in a paper cup. i think i'll move to california. it's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

my mom says some days are like that, even in california.
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and speaking of films....they're re-releasing the life of brian in theatres next month!
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last night i saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. now its the movie i can't stop thinking about, and the poem it is based on is just as incredible. i stopped reading press about the flick as soon as i new i wanted to see it. so, this morning, i decided to read some reviews on it, now that i know about it. christianity today had one of the most interesting reviews, with a quote that moved me:
Eternal Sunshine indicates that we need each other, even in those times when togetherness disrupts happiness. Happiness is based on temporal, unstable things, but joy comes from transcending the temporal and holding on through all the waves of infatuation and falling out, lust and letdown, delight and disappointment.

that's how i feel and understand relationships to be. but have i loved to that extent? i consider myself a fighter for relationships, but have i fearlessly entered in to them? i am afraid that my fault is not in abandonment in tough times, but rather abandonment at the sight of risk. is it not braver to endure than to evade? evasion is smarter perhaps, but it leaves you void of the journey. this movie inspires me to live love.
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i apologize in advance for another commentary on the ironies of our government...but...

this morning i saw a sign outside the pentagon. it said something like:
Safety on the job starts here.

granted, it was intended for the metro contractors who were working to repair the escalator. but still, i had to smile when i thought of all the pentagon employees who file in that way and view that sign. afterall, a small mistake on the job at the pentagon has worse consequences than most jobs. it's good to know that those who run the defense system of the most powerful nation in the world are reminded to think each morning.

on another note, today is free pop tart day at one of our local restaurants!! occasionally it pays to cross states each day.
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so, writing about mike got me thinking about my old boyfriends. er, well, i guess they were crushes, becuase a seven year old can't really have a boyfriend....can they? well, anyway, wanna see the love of my elementary school life? yeah, that's him, all the way to the right. here's another shot of him. we kind of lost touch after my parents pulled me out of elementary school, but it's good to know his mom is still teaching. it's funny what you remember and what you forget. like i remember the words to the high point song and the greeting we would recite each morning to our french teacher. i remember the smell of elementary school lunches and square dancing for p.e. (we were an equal opportunity prep school).

anyway, who would have thought teddy would have become all science-nerdy guy. and who would have thought he still called himself teddy? huh. i wonder what he's like now? oh well. and i wonder what others from our class look like...
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hey - check me out! i finished in the top third of the race last week! not bad for my first one ever....and considering it was 90 degrees...

i never claimed to be a fast runner. or even a runner at that. this is all new to me. and now, two more weeks until i do 10!
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hehehe...i'm going to an avril lavigne concert tonight. and what's even better? it's at a mall! i guess it's not quite as exciting as the surprise stones concert today, but then again, i'm not in toronto.
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i just returned from my long overdue trip home. i had some desperately needed catch up time with really good friends from both north and south. i have covered more than 7500 miles in the last 12 days. not too shabby eh?

but, now i am back and coughing to catch my breath amidst the collection of emails and bitching. our business family is still dysfunctional and my coworkers have reproduced, but they did manage without me.

and i miss seeing my friends already.

jamie, one of my oldest friends. the only sympathetic ear when we both got socially forced off of the varsity soccer team because we didn’t play on the right club team in 4th grade. it amazes me that we’re now grown ups, working full time jobs instead of meeting on the front lawn at break. now she’s off saving lives and dating rock stars…i’m so jealous! but at least i get to see him before she does this month!

mike. wow. good, but kinda weird to see him. if only he knew what was going through my mind in phoenix, and how much that changed things with brian. did he have any idea of my crush on him? probably, cause i’m awful at hiding those things…but he looks good now and it was good to see him. (and he should lose the girl…she’s no good for him…but maybe that’s my adolescent crush talking. it’s funny how those things come back…)

rachael, my good friend at a time when we both needed each other. i am so proud of all she has accomplished in 4 years. thanks to her for the hot tub and barney cake.

natalie. how many times she’s inspired me over countless cups of coffee and cigarettes! and now she’s on to bigger things like scotch, straight up and thesises. and she’s still inspiring. maybe we’ll get that condo in pasadena before the years’ up.

jess, cindy and liz, the divas from sc apt. 3B. how we’ve changed so much and yet, we’re still so much the same. though i still think it’s hilarious that none of us are using our majors…. jess, move away from sc, there’s so much more to experience. cindy, i’m still not too sure about albert. he should be treating her like the beautiful surfer goddess that she is. and liz her endurance for acting will pay off soon. i’m excited to see her return to the silicon valley. girls, when’s our reunion?

david. again, wow. great to see him. my strongest memory of dave was watching kendall one night and how my mom lectured me about us being alone together after she went to sleep. silly moms and their perceptions of adolesent male hormones. we should have just made out that night, just to freak ‘em all out. but now i got to hear about prison weddings and doing worse things than making out in the backseat of his girlfriend’s car. as weird as it is to see him as an adult, i’m also very proud of him for his passion for business and finance, for wearing a tie to work everyday, and even for his conservative politics. to dave i say, have more fun in pasadena…it’s not that bad.

cameo. one more time, wow. great to see her again too! my partner in crime in junior high. oh, where to start - the tping and condoms, sc games, palm springs and skiing, ryan, chris, andrew, ben, and more. and now she’s off making the world a more fashionable place while driving, er walking, around a great city and dating tv stars.

you know, it is comforting to know that things still exist as you remember them. and it's not just people. it's the smell of the 3rd floor maple street building that kind of musty and day camp kid lunch smell. it's the two silos just over the grapevine that look like the cat-in-the-hat's hat. it's the taste of a double-double. the sounds and feel of the surf on your skin at pleasure point. it's the memories of that which is familiar that sustains me at times. and i know it will be memories of familiar things here that will sustain me once i'm gone.
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though many times i'm too busy to see you, thank you.
though some times i think i'm better than what you've given me, thank you.
though too many times i misunderstand you, thank you.
though i fail, thank you.

thank you. for finding me. for sticking with me. for challenging me. for giving me so many good times. for being my support during the hard ones. for teaching me about living. for loving me.

there is no where else i would rather be. thank you for eight wonderful years and eternity. happy anniversary.
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oh, how i do enjoy a good social analysis. or perhaps criticism. especially when it's about blogging. extra credit points when a progressive expresses themself and the result if conservative.

and now i have a new link/journalistic bus stop for my day of reading. sadly, i am getting further and further sucked into washington. please, please save me. hopefully my pending venture back to the sunshine will give me the perspective i so clearly need.
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