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native american porn
bogart and i went exploring today and we found one of the many native american treasures located at the park. we found a yoni, which has a very interesting meaning.

i heard about this particular yoni on wednesday and have been eager to explore ever since. i must say that i felt a little like indiana jones looking for archeological relics. very cool!

and as promised, check out my flickr site for pics of my new car.
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obesity and gas (but not that kind of gas)
how's this for motivation to lose weight?
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my new toy!
i got my toy. i gots me a santa fe. quite fitting for my life in the desert, don't you think? it's an elegant "dark cherry" red color. i'll post some pics soon.

buh bye little volkswagen.
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ok. the loneliness is kicking in. i miss my friends. shoot, i miss anyone under 40. a very wise friend once told me that i seek intimacy, probably more than most people. i realized how true this is not when she said it months ago, but as i was driving to meet my date last night. how silly i have been to think that i can sustain a relationship when we are 2 hours away from each other. and i don't even like him.

the truth makes me lonelier.

so here i am. the middle of nowhere. the upside? i am spending 10 days in l.a. next week where i can overdose on mass marketing, posh restaurant and starbucks. the coffee house here opened for the season, as did the park itself. i met another 28 year old, probably the only other one in this town with a professional job. the paleontologists will start arriving soon too.

i regret nothing. but for tonight i hold on to melancholy and a look forward to a good nights sleep.
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