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for the record, i did go see the passion on wednesday night, with the masses. i have lots of thoughts about it. some for my personal and spiritual perspective, others from my pop culture analysis perspective. i won't go in to any of those opinions now. but i do have one question.

of the many christians that are buying out the theatres to show this movie to their 'unsaved' friends, how many of them will actually be faced with answering questions about it - specifically, from jews - instead of just debating it amongst their own christian fellowship?

i still can't stop thinking about the movie.
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today, an homage to the little things that get me through the work days.

coffee. freshly ground, just the right strength and just the right cream.
k chronicles. i look forward to wednesdays because for a brief moment i can read keith's view of the world and it usually makes me smile.
new cd releases. this makes tuesdays more exciting. since i already know about the secular releases, i have to consult grassroots music for the xian releases.
my daily fix of polar political forces - drudge and salon.
checking in with folks back home, to see who's married, procreating or dying.
horoscope. yeah, i know it's a little contrary to the one mentioned before....but it's entertaining and 1% of the time, scarily accurate.
friend's blogs. no need to link them...they're on the right.
and of course, arubaman, i'm not forgetting you.
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a few words of wisdom for my local friends. don't choose the gw parkway as your highway of choice if you happen to be almost out of gas. although it may seem like a fantastic option because you'll just zip right through those 12 miles, you may run into traffic even when all other days are clear, and there are no shoulders or exits for most of those miles. and even where there are exits, there are no gas stations because anywhere you try to stop is either restricted (langley) or grossly residential.

should you happen to make it without running out of gas, do not pick the gas station that would logically be the first available, the ctigo by the pentagon. and by all means, no matter how tired you are, READ THE GLARING SIGNS ON THE PUMPS BEFORE YOU START PUMPING THE GAS. upon examination (again, best read prior to pumping) one will learn that this gas station is for military personnel feuling only. however, if you have not heeded this advice by this time and just happened to actually read the signs on the pumps....bite the bullet (no military pun intended), and speak with the attendant. offer your life, firstborn child or payment for the gas. chances are he will accept the latter, scold you, then laugh at your stupidity. i too now laugh at such stupidity.
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this is one of my favorite times of year. in addition to spring, i truly look forward to lent. i think it's just that it tends to kick my butt into shape a little spiritually. but i don't know if i have it in me this year. and i'm not sure there's any emotionally-charged 2 hour inspiration that can help that. but you do tend to surprise me.

so...what will it be? i think i have an idea. i did't think i could top last year, but i’m thinking this year just might. we’ll see.
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as an adendum to yesterday's notes, these past two weeks i've been completely distracted from work. unfortunate for work because i've had a ton to do (which has gotten done, by the way). i've been planning my escape to aruba, but unfortunately denied access into the country. who'd a thought mexico would finally crack down on all of those american immigrants.

ok, but more seriously, have you ever been so inspired that you want to just leave everything behind and escape? maybe it's the newness of it all, or maybe it is something more. all i know is that you and i have a great connection, and a lot of fun (which is important for an otter like me). i really do want to get out of here. will you rescue me?
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que una dia fantastica!

i went to go move my car and successfully dodged the parking nazis as they were about to ticket my car. (which deserved it, by the way)

i heard one of my favorite songs lately. though i'm a little ashamed to confess it, jessica simpson's new song, with you, is a guilty pleasure of mine right now. [still singing] i can let my hair down, i can say anything, crazy, and i know you'll catch me before i hit the ground. with nothing but a t-shirt on, i've never felt so beautiful baby, as i do now.

i've finished a major project that has captured [nearly] every moment of work lately. yippie. and the other moments at work have not been too shabby either.

and it's beautiful outside! it's bright and i was able to venture out without my coat. it makes me want to sip lemonaide, sit outside and sunbathe. but then again, it's only 50 degrees. almost there, but not quite. soon i'll be in cali soaking up that sun too - i turned in my vacation request today!

now, keep your fingers crossed that this sunshine will last through my test tonight...eeeh, who cares!
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i completely wasted this weekend. and not in a good way. it's even worse because it was a three day weekend.

i'm very disappointed in myself.

but then again, i really don't care - which explains the squandering.
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annie, this one's for you. my personal favorites - ex sex, baby daddy, third wheel, you wish.
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my style

i have been asked a few times recently how i would describe my style. it's an interesting question, really, because it requires excellent self analysis skills. so, you tell me, am i right on?

34% yuppie (blame the city of my current residence)
28% foxy
19% fleece-and-ugg wearing nature girl
15% rockabilly vintage
4% hippie

*with a +/- 3 margin of error.
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you know how parts of your life just seem to be the same? same people, same buildings, same shower and closet each morning, etc. it's like the vw commercial where that poor young man makes the same movements in the same environment day after day. except for me, a new convertible bug doesn't spark change in the monotony, although it may help.

anyway, i feel like that. not matter how much i try to take different trains and buses to spice up my life, i still feel like i'm stuck in the commercial, or groundhog day. same people, same trains, same run to catch train, and same thoughts. this is my typical mental conversations each morning and sometimes evening (usually i'm too tired to care much):
urrgh, the train is packed again!
mmm...i love having my nose 2 inches from others' armpits. thank the lord it is morning.
mmm...even better when the train jerks to a hault and pushed my nose into said armpit.
whew, dupont circle, finally i can get a seat.
uggh, why don't people brush their teeth in the morning. hmmm, maybe he did and should seek some medical attention.
ouch, that was my foot you just stepped on. thanks for turning around to even acknowledge it. and yes, it was my bare toes as i'm wearing SANDALS!!!
oh! what is that smell!
ok, did you have to sit on top of me? i mean, there's like 5 inches of seat to your right.
amen! tenleytown. only two stops to go.
this is bethesda, one of the richest cities in the country. why is there water pouring from the gaping hole in the ceiling of metro stop? and more importantly, why has it been like this for 2 months? the injustice!
what on earth is my fare increase funding?!!
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oh the pressure of finding new and creative things to say! yeah, i really don't have any of that today, even though i've thought about trying to find something to say all day. alas, i could find nothing amidst the veritable chaos that is my job at the moment.

the weekend was phenominal. i spent it with my young life colleagues and i am truly excited and refreshed. but it was also painful to be there. it brought up so many memories - some wonderful, some i forgot were there - and made me miss the work. perhaps later in life.

and we won't even talk about the ever-so-polite-grammys. my time was better spent catching up with edison happenings. even if it was gossip....
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wow....i think i'd be pretty pissed if my school missed the deadline to apply for federal scholarship money, rendering my application useless. especially if i worked hard to get on my doctorate uc berkeley. although, it does give me some secret pleasure to see the uc board of regents (to which i wrote many a check) screw something up. but i suppose they'll play the blame game (yet another instance of it, carl...) and say it's the campus' fault and that they "were unaware of any problems with meeting the deadline". yeah, not to mention the fact that the us. doe would probably grant an extension should it have been asked of them. why don't people step up to the plate and admit that they are having problems?

lest you think of me as arrogant, i have missed my fair share of deadlines and have failed miserablly many times. i'm working on it though...bear with me.
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this morning i was shown a new form of waiting.

so many times i feel as though i've fallen away from you, that i lack the motivation to even come near you. but that is pride. to think that i could somehow have the power to pull myself from the powerful grasp of your love for me. how foolish my perspective is, and how often i believe that foolishness. it is not me that has chosen to pull away, but you who have allowed me to rise to a new height by struggling. my desires (or lack thereof) always remain in your grace. i am content to be filled with whatever faith you are giving me -- even if it is little. you say, for through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has allotted to each a measure of faith. the most significant part of that statement is what is omitted. you do not give a quantity to that faith, but rather it is just faith. and if you are to allot an increasing amount of faith, would it not also follow that you allot a decreasing amount of faith?

i wait, content in the faith, be it little or much, that you have given to me.
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on another topic....two of my friends just started blogs. so, do i get the links, kids? share the love!
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so that was the suprise superbowl halftime show guest -- janet's right breast. it's making my little pop-culture brain hurt trying to figure out if it was planned or not. all i know is there was a good 20 second silence in our room just after the gasps.

your turn, britney.
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