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where is the adventure?

so i have this big decision to make. i stumbled upon a good job opportunity - good for now, but in not the most secure market. but more specifically, this job will allow me to make good money while i go back to school - something i've always had on my mind for later in life. lately i've realized that now is later in life.

but i like my current job, and i love the people i work with. i hate the hour commute on the metro each way, but at least that commute is paid for. i also have great insurance, summer hours, retirement and a 35-hour work week - all of which i would be kissing away for a job i'm not even sure i would like or that i would even be there in six months.

but it's not about the job - it's about school, which is equally as uncertain. i don't know how i'm going to pay for school - i don't know what financing a graduate degree looks like. i hear you rarely get grants for grad school, so it would be mostly loans. plus, i have take no gre or even applied.

i don't like what my life is right now, and i don't like that i can't commit to something. i want a quieter life and i want to invest in a few people and reap the benefits of deeper relationships.

here is the root of my struggle - do i leave a comfortable and semi-secure job for something that i believe will be the most beneficial in the future? do i take that risk? have i become a chicken in my career-age? what happened to the girl who moved across the country at age 17?

i must decide tomorrow morning - the risk or the investment. spiritually speaking, does God take us to insecure places - absolutely. and i have no doubt in my mind that this was placed in my path. the advice i'm receiving from my christian friends - don't rock the boat, you have a great thing going for you. but when has God called us to live a life of 'stay right where you are, you're doing great'. where is the adventure - because i didn't sign up for this christian life because it was secure? but i did, and that is the security i rest in, no matter which decision i make.
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what is art? art is inspiration - of the artist and to the audience.

so are painted port-a-potties art? they are briefly reminiscent of the party animals that were seen around town last year, but yet different. and they certainly seem far off from the corridors of the metropolitan museam of modern art.

lets talk for a moment about corporate sponsorship. being true to my leftist tendencies, i am very skeptical of anything corporate sponsored. but at the same time, corporations do allow some good things to exist regardless of how much i disagree with how they have gotten to the means to support good things. but is art art if it is enabled by greed? the greed becomes part of the art itself, as is the case for imodium-sponsored potties.
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from my notes last sunday -
there is a feeling that overcomes me when i sit in church. tonight it came again. what is it? it causes my mind to wander. but not just to wander, to focus. i find myself thinking, contemplating many things. and the weird thing is that it is completely simultaneus with the sermon. i remember both vividly.

now, i am a christian - i belive in God and his son Jesus. but i have a very hard time with the spiritual rhelm. i guess i struggle with the power of God. but when i sit in the peace of God, i feel that. i feel different. i experience hope, and with it peach that that hope can be made a reality. hope is what i experience at church. it is those moments of hope that sustain my faith. isn't christianity by definition hope in something beyond this?
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i don't even know where to begin....

Associated Press

June 19, 2003 |

NEW DELHI, India (AP) -- A 9-year-old girl was married to a stray dog in a ceremony attended by more than 100 guests in a village in India's eastern state of Bengal as part of a ritual intended to ward off a bad omen, newspapers reported Thursday.

The girl, Karnamoni Handsa, had to be married quickly to break an evil spell, according to the beliefs of her Santhal tribe in the remote village of Khanyan, the Hindustan Times said.

Karnamoni's tooth had grown on her upper gum, which Santhals consider a bad omen.

The girl's father, Baburam Handsa, a poor sharecropper, could not afford the expenses of marrying his daughter to a boy, so he saved money by making a street dog the groom on June 11, the paper reported.

Other news media also reported on the ritual, which does not interfere with the girl's life. She suffers no stigma and is free to marry later. She doesn't even need to divorce the dog.
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i have to wonder...if the incredible hulk grows so large in his rage that he tears off his shirt, shoes, socks, jacket, pant legs, etc....why is it that he is left with cut-offs? wouldn't it follow that his pants would be torn too? i guess his pelvis-area remains the same size and everything else grows large.
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this is really getting out of hand -

Thousands of Potter Books Stolen
(Reuters) - Thousands of copies of the eagerly awaited new Harry Potter book were stolen from a warehouse in England over the weekend, police said on Tuesday. The 7,680 copies of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," the fifth in JK Rowling's series on the boy wizard, were taken in a late-night heist on Merseyside in northern England on Sunday.
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A recent discovery, Oxford researchers claim, ties – of all people – William Shakespeare to the traditional post-wedding dance [The Hokey Pokey].

O proud left foot, that ventures quickly within
Then soon upon a backward journey lithe
Anon, once more the gesture, then begin;
Command sinistral pedestal to writhe.
Commence thou then the fervid Hokey-Poke,
A mad gyration, hips in wonton swirl,
To spin! A wilde release from Heavens yoke.
Blessed dervish! Surely canst go, girl.
The Hoke, the poke – banish now thy doubt
Verily, I say, 'tis what it's all about.

...thank you, bill, for this lovely little diddy.
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only in los angeles would there appear a headline like this: Congress May Remake Medicare (latimes.com). remake?? what is this...a movie. but, then again, i guess it is the summer of sequels with war in iraq II and legally blonde II.
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on the rent-a-negro website you can rent a black friend for any social occasion where you may need more clout. this website is hilarious...but scary at the same time. the satirical quotes sound a little too much like ones that i've heard from my friends (and even my own mouth sometimes, i must admit).

you know, i do like think of myself as a fairly diverse person. and i know i am way too judgemental towards folks around here for their segregation. it really is much worse on the east coast, though it depends heavily on the herds you roam in.

but what is diversity really? isn't that the question that is being posed to us by the website? is it just diversifying for the sake of looking good? honestly, being in the environmental world, we play the same game. here, participate in this program because it will make your image much greener.

i know what diversity is not: it is not saying to yourself or others oh i have friends of different races. it is not hiring the wrong person for the job just because they are of one color or the other. it is not name dropping (or pop culture dropping). and it is definitely not in america right now. really, it is a revolution. it is a complete 180 in the thinking of individuals.
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i'm looking on the blogger page, about to enter something pointless onto this very blog, when what do my wondering eyes do appear? carl with a k! could it be my carl with a k? alas, no, it is not. but, i am nonetheless very intrigued by his blog. keep an eye out, it just may make it to the illustrius list of links.
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i love it when a movie makes you think for days afterwards. i saw bruce almighty last night and i am still thinking about it. i know, i didn't expect to be thinking about it much either, but this movie will create a spark or two.

i originally didn't think much of it, thought maybe it would be a renter. but i was intrigued when a friend of mine (who knows my interest in pop culture and christianity) told me i would enjoy it. she told me of the themes of god interacting with creation, free will, prayer, etc. given that she was the one to recommend it to me, i decided to go.

first of all, the movie was quite funny. the best jim carrey flick i've seen in a very long time. but it also really did get me thinking. i know it is just a hollywood movie...but there were some really interesting themes about god too. i recommend seeing this movie.
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today i went to the dentist.

i've had quite a difficult time finding a dentist. this is my third one since moving to dc. part of my fear of committment is simply changes in insurance, because i've had three jobs here. but, mostly, they've all been sketchy.

it is funny, the things you take for granted when you are a child. i went to dr. okamoto most of my life, and on into college. in college i was blessed (the wonders of retrospection) with good hygenists through the uc medical center. but upon arrival in a new town, it's a toss up.

the dentist i visited prior to today was a total schmuck (not being jewish, i'm not sure if i spelled that right). first of all, his office was in the ground floor of this posh apartment building, which i thought was a little odd anyway. it was one of those places that i knew old, rich maids dwelled in nw dc. anyway, i figured it couldn't be that bad because it was in such a nice location and was close to my office at the time. after a lengthy wait in the tiny room with no windows, i was taken in back to this dank, old white room. the chair had this flat-screen monitor attached to it, which i thought was very cool...until they started showing these images of mouths with rotten teeth. eww. the cleaning was ok, if not impersonal. it was a little odd, though, because it was all done with water, no scraping. again, i thought that it was cool as they explained it to me, until i noticed blood oozing from my mouth. weird, but i healed. as i was about to leave the dentist came in, searched my mouth for no more than three seconds and pronouced that i had receeding gums. he told me about this special mouthwash that would "prevent additional receeding", though not cure. i was concerned as i have hardly ever had any problems with my teeth (oral hygine is of the utmost importance to my family), so i took the bottle. as i am checking out, i am asked to pay $39 for the bottle of mouthwash that was not covered by my insurance. unfortunately for them, i noticed, while i sat in the small room again for 15 minutes before 'checking out', that everyone else that was leaving the office had the very same bag and bottle of mouthwash. hmmm....needless to say, i declined my bottle and bought some listerine instead.

which brings us to today. the diagnosis from this dentist is that yes, i was indeed to be suckered if not for my keen urban skills. my gums are fine and i passed the exam with flying colors. the best part is - i got lots of free crap! brushes, floss, new toothpaste - even one of those new spinning brushes! i can't wait to use it....
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i am soooo getting one of these.
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