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road trippin'
this summer has brought some cool road trips. i already told you about grand canyon, but i have also visited big bear and the san diego mountains too. there are some very cool parts of southern california.

did you know that it is common to have your trailer/rv match your truck? this little nugget of rv behavior was pointed out to me by desiree. aparently your truck should match or ideally have the same decal design. i would say 95% of rv-ers practice this rule.

this weekend will be spent in the natural sauna of rancho mirage for some much needed sister bonding. and next week i'm off up the scenic central coast to cambria.

and may i highly recommend for your next road trip, this wonderful album: josh ritter. you can stream it on his website if you want a preview.
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the earth's scar

bogart and i are in arizona today after visiting the new young life camp, lost canyon (which is amazing, by the way). even though i was raised in the west, i had never actually seen the grand canyon. it is quite a stunning hole in the ground!

on our drive out we were listening to rob's sermon on communion. in it he goes into detail about a container of stageblood that he has on his shelf in his study. the point he was making was that without all the backstory, we tend to overlook many things. or rather, something simple may have a significant impact on us but we may fail to realize it's full signficance if we don't know all about it.

having this knowledge fresh on my brain, i saw grand canyon in a new light. here is something that has been created by millions of years of pressure and stress, and it has been viewed by millions of pairs of eyes. a link to that which is steady, a link to God. what stuns me is that it is essentially a scar.

today we are off to sedona, then joshua tree, then the outlets in cabazon :). check out this pic of us...which took about 5 minutes (hence the confused look on my face) because this kind old german tourist could not figure out my camera.

here are more pics too: flickr

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