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pets on myspace
so bogart has been bugging me to start his own profile on myspace. i have mixed feelings about it, but what do you all think?
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my first 29th birthday
i am in between.
i am past a lot, with a lot still to come.

last night as i drove away from dinner i was reminded of what it was like to not know how to drive, or balance a checkbook, or kiss well. i started thinking about me, at 15, and where i have come. at 15 i was in between too, but i was in between childhood and adulthood.

today i am 29, in between young adulthood and maturity. i do not own a home, but i own a car with leather interior. i do not care for a child, but i care for a dog. i do not have a full retirement account, but i no longer scrape my checking account clean. i am not in the city i will settle in, but i am in a town that is just right. there are things that i still want to accomplish, but i have accomplished still a lot.

i am temporary, but i am fixed. the last year of my 20s.

(ah how life changes from my 100 things at 25, being adult at 26, being 14 at 27, and being lonely at 28.)
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christmas in november?
is anyone else concerned that retailers are advertising christmas on november 14th? i was shopping in old navy on election day when i was serenaded by christmas music. what happened to getting into the christmas spirit after thanksgiving? say, in december?

clearly you can tell i am just itching to string the lights on the palm tree outside my house.
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a salty phenomenon

today we had an open house celebration for the 100th anniversary of the salton sea so i spent the morning at the park's visitor center. i did my research and have developed quite a fascination with the sea after seeing pleasures and plagues of the salton sea. this place is a trip (no pun intended). here is southern california's largest body of water and it was never supposed to occur in modern times. the sea came into being because of a breached levee and, well, just kind of stayed. i suppose this is our aunt edna - she's old, she should have died years ago, and she kind of stinks.

in the afternoon i was compelled to bombay beach, a portion of the sea that once had an elegant shoreline with shiny winnebagos in the 1950s. until a decade or so later when another flood occurred and forced people off the beach. the buildings, however, stayed. today you see the rusted skeletons surrounded by sand, sand that is made of barnacles.

the salton sea has many stories like this. life goes on amidst a less than glamorous surrounding. what used to be a posh recreation area for the post wwII generation is now underwater or under sand. perhaps a metaphor for the idealist, invincible generation. we are the generation that sees structures half underwater.

i intend to return and shoot more, but here are the pictures i shot.
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so long crush

doogie is gay. although i did always wonder that after seeing undercover brother. i had such a crush on him when i was 12 and it was just resurrected when i saw him at the grove in august.
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