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sweet! i found another, thanks to josy. check out what gabe is up to!
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of documentaries and politics
today is the opening of fahernheit 9/11. i will say right off the bat that i do not know if i will see this. i am a fan of michael moore in general and i was deeply moved by bowling for columbine. but i do not like what this has become. his raping of the press disgusts me to the point where i don't know if i should support the movie. i'm sure there are many points that are true in the movie but based on his presentation of those findings to the press, i believe they are misrepresented. not justified, most likely, but still misrepresented.

there will be a new film festival - american film renaissance - supported by conservative forces, coming on september 9-11 (coincidence?) in dallas. the show will feature right-wing documentaries like michael moore hates america and is it true what they say about ann? in an effort to counter liberal hollywood.

it will be interesting to note which events/films make money. i'm sure there's just as much money in lib-hating as there is in 'bringing down the right wing conspiracy'.
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gipper worship
in follow up to my blog about reagan's funeral, i read an interesting editorial in christianity today about reagan's appeal to the religious right despite his inability to legislatively further their agenda. i must say that i admire the author's gumption for stating his opinions amidst the reagan love-fest that was dc. i admit that i got a little tired of commuting through it each day, but i realize that had nothing to do with his merit as a leader or even the activities of his death. just frustration that folks don't stand to the right. but i digress...

i still cling to my neutral stance on his presidency. i was too young to have the 'personal experience' of it and i have not made up my mind one way or the other on the policies he had. but, i will take a stance on this one thing - i find it downright dangerous the way that 'christians'* are aligning themselves with a political party - especially one political party!

the article quotes cal thomas as saying, politics is the great seducer. i doubt cal meant this as anything other than an introductory sentence for the purpose of hooking a listener/reader. but let's think about that statement a moment. to seduce is to lure one away from something else. dictionary.com says it is to lead away from duty, accepted principles, or proper conduct. have we, as christians, been lured away from our first love by believing that our hope lies in policy or worse, a leader? i have many, many people who are quick to cast me into the 'bush-hater' category, but really it has nothing to do with bush, or reagan for that matter. i question whether our religious leaders have responsibly lead a country closer to God. and i fear that the answer to that question may be no.

*i know, i'm stereotyping with this word. i use it in the 'majority' sense, not personally.
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after a day of much procrastination, i am proud to present the long overdue facelift for the blog. you dig?

bear with me as i fix the glitches. i may have to enlist the help of my professional web designers...arubaman, what do you charge for your services?
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so my e-reunion continues. i've found my friend patrick (or i should say, he found me), and now it looks like he has a really cool band, next 6 exits. i wish i could go see a show or two - and if you're ever in dc, pat, i want to go!

pat was dating my roommate when i lived back in la. i remember many a fun movie night at the boarding school...mexico...swing dancing (ok, maybe not pat himself)...warehouse (church and club)...and the really bad dmb show at the forum (i did see a much better show in san jo after that). i still wear that shirt...that....oh my gosh...he bought for me because i didn't have the cash at the show! i hope i paid you back for that, pat!

ah, good times at sierra bonita. or the maxi pad, as natalie refered to it. now i wonder if i could find dan, brian, darlene and others. i think i'm on a quest. who else should i look up? i know where the tams are, and colleen and jason, the neuenbergs and powells, and debbie/brian/baby, nick "oldest wooden framed house in southern california" davis (wonder if he went straight again...) and ruth and erica. oh, and i'm going to try to find andrea and brian (man, i know a lot of brians!). last i heard they were in menlo park. and maybe rob and danny too. wish me luck!
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oh sweet! he's straight. and single!! (i seem to be having some issues lately with understanding reality - specifically regarding celebrities.)
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yippie!! the day i've been waiting for all my life is almost here. ok, the day i've been waiting a year-and-a-half for. but anyway, in just one month it will be time for i love the 90s!! get your flannel and doc martens, cause we're gonna party like it's 1999! oh man, i can't wait!

by the way, check out the ad for it (in the 'video' section down the page), if you haven't already. it's hilarious. man i love hal sparks. i wonder if he's really straight?
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this whole reagan funeral thing is like candy for my socially analytical mind. karl and i went down to the mall on wednesday night to view the casket and were told we had a three hour wait. this was at 1 am. i'm told that hill staffers (who work in the capitol, mind you) had a two hour wait. where are these people coming from? and where were they raised to think that it is appropriate to wear casual clothes in one of the most formal cities in the world? how can one have respect enough for this leader to travel hundreds of miles and yet not dress respectfully?

what intrigues me the most is the constituency that is turning out for the occasion. karl and i were discussing if clinton's funeral would be like this. i contend that yes, it would certainly be well attended, but the colors would change. in my scanning of the first hour's worth of people waiting in line this week, there were about 5 groups of people of color. maybe 20 in a line of 300+. which begs the question, why? is it really because of partisan politics? i was a little too young during reagan's rule to really understand the dynmics of his politics. but i believe i have an understanding of the minority view of this presidency.

i will forever be reminded of a class i had in undergrad on race and ethnicity in america. my professor, a strong black man, literally wept one day when we had a class discussion on politics and race in america - specifically about the setbacks (his pov) for black folks during reagan's tenure. i thought of my professor as i scoured the crowd to find a black man like him. how can one man cause thousands of people to wait in the awful humid dc air for several hours just to see his flag-draped casket? and how can this same man cause others to grieve at the thought of his leadership and find satisfaction (closure?) in his passing? how can there be such polarization in this country? and how can so few people care about it? it makes me sad and ashamed of our country to see that the most we've accomplished with politics is division.

to prove my point I ask what is your reaction to reading this? you are either disagree and prepare an argument as to how reagan did so much to increase business which will ultimately increase the welfare of our nation's poor, increase jobs, further freedom in other countries by ending the cold war, etc. or you are saying 'amen sister', agreeing that the funeral/death sentiments from our media and population are overhyped and his passing is not worth the attention it is receiving. regardless of your reaction to my observations, exactly what saddens me is that millions of dollars were spent to create in you that specific reaction.
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dude, i love getting in touch with old friends! i was thinking about one of these friends and thought i'd google him. sure enough, he's got his own website and everything. how creative is he? john, you were an inspiration in pasadena and it's good to see that you're inspiring people in kc as well.

i recognize this house....:D
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no longer a harry potter virgin

so i saw harry potter this past week. i great honor should be bestowed upon jamie, the vile temptress, for her excellent persuasive skills. i had intended to save myself for parenthood before entering the world of hp.

i must confess that i think i have a crush on harry. is that allowed? i mean, my 33 year old male friend drools (among other things) over britney spears. can a 26 year old woman have a little crush on a 14 year old. the good news is that my crush is actually on harry, not daniel radcliffe, cause he's not as cute, so at least it's clearly a fictional fantasy. i think it's the scar and broom-riding.
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so, you must like living in dc?

i feel as though everywhere i travel these days i have the same conversations.

me: hi, i'm paige.
them: hi, i'm so-and-so. so, are you visiting ___? (a refreshing first question, since usually i'm asked what i do...)
my answer varies, depending on the location.
them: so, you're not from ____? where are you from?
me: originally from la, live in dc.
them: oh, then you must like living in dc. (a statement intended to provoke)

i don't know how to answer that. i want to answer, no, i really don't, but then that doesn't make any sense...especially to someone i don't know. why do i live somewhere i don't like?

but i guess i don't dislike it, i have sort of a love/hate relationship with the city of my dwelling. i love living in a city. i love the fantastic people that live here. and i'm even ok with the life i've made for myself (everyone's got room for improvement).

i dislike the negativity that i see here. it really wears me down. and i get it from so many angles - from the media all the way down to my church. i tire of the traffic and i fear for my safety. but mostly i just hate the weather. is it fair to move or live some place simply because of the weather?
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sometimes, you just gotta go home.

talk to you in a week.
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