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how's this for oration:
The striking feature of our age is not the presence of anxiety, but the inadequacy of anxiety, the insufficient awareness of what is at stake in the human situation. … The cardinal problem is not the survival of religion, but the survival of man. What is required is a continuous effort to overcome hardness of heart, callousness, and above all to inspire the world with the biblical image of man, not to forget that man without God is a torso, to prevent the dehumanization of man. For the opposite of human is not the animal. The opposite of the human is the demonic.

this is compliments of an interesting article by phillip yancey.
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and another hmmm
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i don't have much to say today. i'm just here.

in the meantime, check out arrested development, my new favorite obsession.
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i made a connection today, as i do many mornings due to the grand inspiration that is metro. this morning it was the realization of one more way i try desperately to control that which i cannot.

this morning it is something that all women can relate to - the obligatory boob glance. i don't understand why it is necessary and why it is so common. yes, they are there. yes, as a female i have them. mine, unfortunately, seem to get this a lot too and often from unwanted sources (friends' boyfriends, bosses and creepy ups drivers...but that's a story for another time).

but anyway, as i passed a metro employee who pretended to be scanning my outfit all the way to my shoes, it occurred to me why this bothers me. it's not that i don't like to be noticed (everyone does) and it's not even that i don't like my breasts to be noticed, because even a sexy glance can be a good thing. but it bothers me who notices them. rather it bothers me that i can't stop some people from noticing them. it is like a part of me, a deeply intimate part of me, is taken from me without my approval. we are made to be sexual beings, but i am troubled that i can't control which men may have access to that part of me and which ones can't. there is absolutely nothing i can do about it, save for wearing turtlenecks (which, by the way, i am practically wearing today).

cest la vie?

ps. if you'll notice to the right, i've done something i've always wanted to do - register for gifts for no occasion whatsoever!!! for your further consumption of all things Paige, feel free to browse my amazon.com wish list. i'll try to add more items as i salivate over them. it truly is a wish list...now if i could only add a touareg to that list...
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so, is god with bush or pat robertson on this?
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these are the times that create change. transformation is not given to a person, but rather it is acquired. i suppose it is what our grandparents would call "character". it is tried and perfected. these are the times where God takes us seriously when we ask to be changed.

help me. i can't do this alone.
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country music
so, i'm a big fan of music. there is rarely a musical form that i can't, at the very least, appreciate for its artistic value. but i've been thinking about country music lately and wonder why we never stop to really think about these songs. my hunch is that listeners may be naive at times.

let's pick on a pillar in country music, alan jackson, simply because two of his songs easily come to mind. i believe that people may not be aware of the themes that run in these songs.

race - from the song little man about the economic demise of our small towns due to big corporate takeovers. what first got me thinking about this song was the irony of its fan, typically republican, who likes (and probably relates to) this song, despite his party's belief in supporting big corporate take-overs. however, my train of thought was completely derailed when i heard the bridge:
It wasn't long when I was a child
An old black man came with his plow
He broke the ground where we grew our garden
Back before we'd all forgot about the little man
The little man
Long live the little man
God bless the little man

um....old black man with a plow?! he's talking about slavery! it's hard to imagine that in this post-civil-rights-era we can still have a song of nostalgia for "the good old days before the civil war". it is a classic propaganda piece used in the antebellum decades for the purpose of creating support for the south. gone with the wind was written for this purpose - a message that says, "things were better before the north stuck their noses in our business".

sex - from the song chattahoochie about good ole' days spend messing around at the river. except that this is a song dripping with sex.
Well we fooged up the windows in my old chevy
I was willing but she wasn't ready
So a settled for a burger and a grape sno-cone
Dropped her off early but I didn't go home

then later, because he didn't go home...
Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee
It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie...
Yeah way down yonder on the Chattahoochee
Never knew how much that muddy water meant to me
But I learned how to swim and I learned how I was
A lot about livin' and a litttle 'bout love

um, the man got laid by a prostitute. before you think i'm over-reading this....i ask you, what what are you implying about a woman if you call her a hoochie? and what is a coochie? i rest my case.

i still really like country music (and alan jackson), but i believe equal thought should be applied towards this form of popular music - and popular it is. so much is already said about the problems with hip hop, rap and other pop music, but rarely is there moral criticism towards country music.
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i saw him again today. the man i am going to marry. he was attentively reading the world affairs section of the post express. his glasses exposed more of him than he realized.

he has style and was not overcome by it. he has concern and intellect, but is not governed by it. he glanced at me in a way that i knew was not him.

not yet, but i will give you what you need. and also what you desire. follow me.

why do i so often settle for less than the best?
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i want to pray with my words - words that you gave me to pray - instead of the words i've been taught by the church to use. you created beauty and art in communication. your words are even more beautiful than any i have ever even heard. teach me to pray with your words.
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the true sign that a trend is completely dead -

when you see a homeless guy wearing burberry.
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for those of you who are big jesus walks fans, i just want to be sure that you watch the videos. there are three of them and all three are on the roc-a-fella website. they are quite well done.

for all of you, may i give you all a task? i am on a mission to find out about ministries in hollywood. specifically, i want to see if there is a ministry that exists for the purpose of edifying the individuals that work in the industry. i'm thinking this is parachurch, although i would be curious to see what churches are doing as well. for those on the hill, i am trying to find the ministry in hollywood that is like the center for christian statesmanship here in dc. so if you're bored one day and want something to surf for...here's a task! and thanks in advance.
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it was only a kiss...
my weekend: alarm buzzing at ungodly hours of the morning, traffic err. parking, work to finish in 4 hours, hitting target (mmm..shopping...) for clearance and another 4 lbs of candy, yikes! only 1/2 an hour to pack, shuffle bags amongst cars, sex, aids and conferences, speakers, lots of attention, pissed off friends, no sleep, horrible coffee, lovin' ya Lord, run - wet - run, and run, hot shower, stay awake, britney and jewels, media, media, more media, bad coffee, we're kinda dating, toad, infamous ms. t!, 'christian' music, we're not really dating, unwanted good coffee, what the f***, God?, washington & kuwait, cheese fries and smokes.

how did it end up like this?

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