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this is funny, and so true. thanks crate! hope you're well.
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because of a yorkie
i met a man tonight and i cannot sleep.

he spoke to me in the grace of a carolina accent.
we spoke of nothing of importance.
our touch spoke.

i showed him entourage.
he showed me the moon.

he is named for an animate object.
he has no steady income.
i can still smell him.

i am wildly attracted to him.
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this past week my association hosted a forum for youth development in socal. in the beginning we played a fun mixer where we went around asking each other questions. i thought long and hard about one that was posed to me - so long and hard that i'm still considering it today:

what is your position on twinkies?

now, i honestly have not had twinkies since i was a child so i did not know how to answer that question. so this morning when i went to pick up my paper, i decided to stop in to the 7-11 and pick up a package of twinkies. the official smaigers opinion on the topic? not as good as i remember as a child, but not as sweet as i remember either. i think the world could live without twinkies.
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narnia trailer
check out the trailer for the chronicles of narnia! here's hoping they did the books justice.
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the little things
three things that make me happy this dreary monday morning:
1. i paid $2.39/gal for gas this morning. although, i could have saved $.10/gal by filling up in bellflower. i'm pleased with my choice.
2. my hair was long enough to braid this morning.
3. i got to listen to the new weezer, which is a great album.
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want a mind trip? watch the movie what the bleep do we know? it is a fascinating look at quantum possibilities.

and no, i'm not trying to convert anyone to the philosophies of ramtha. so be warned that since many of you are people of faith, if you watch this movie, yor faith will be challenged.
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pop stardum
this morning i decided to listen to a christian music cd a friend made for me a few years ago. on it were a few songs by my favorite christian band, caedmon's call. hearing their music reminded me of how great they are as a band - talented musicians, singers, songwriters, etc. and they are well known in the sub-genre of christian pop music, probably among the most popular and most well paid (which probably isn't well at all).

but even though they are one of the bigger christian bands, and could be considered stars in their genre, they are certainly not pop stars. a few years ago i went to one of their concerts - in a high school gym to a crowd of only a hundred or so. i find this to be a vast contrast to the concerts played by an equally talented band, u2. and while we all realize that talent alone does not make a pop star (consider ashlee simpson, if you will), what is the difference between these two bands? why can one pull in billions of dollars playing for packed arenas, when the other can barely break even on the cost of producing a cd, let alone make a living as a musician? is the difference in the artists' subject alone or the genre in which they play? i specifically chose these two bands to compare because both have songs that blatently deal with faith.

i know there is no simple answer to this, but there is one conclusion i can come to. reality. while both bands are singing of a similar topic (in this case, christianity), caedmon's is more blatent about it and that is significant. i believe that people are more willing to pay for entertainment because there is a level of illusion to it. it is a performance, created, rehersed and scripted. even though a caedmon's performance is no less scripted than u2's, the caedmon's audience expects a certain 'reality' to their entertainment experience because they are seeking a spiritual connection.

now don't get me wrong, i'm not calling u2 fake or less genuine their spirituality, and i consider the u2 to be among the significant spiritual experiences in my life. but why the stardom difference between these two groups? marketing is powerful, but it is not that powerful. i believe that audiences see a significant difference between the two bands - a difference that is marked by the audiences' expectation of reality. audiences expect a "real" experience from a christian band like caedmon's call, but are more interested (as determined by their willingness to pay more money) in a pop experience that is performed.

a significant factor of popular culture is the appeal of the illusion.
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air travel, in style
oh, long beach airport, how we love your resistance to change – a change which is inevitable. if you have never traveled through the airport, i highly recommend it. only a few feet from where the spruce goose itself used to dwell, the airport still holds the charm of the howard hughes era of the 1940s. and even better still, it feels very personal, almost as if you are flying in a private jet. and of course, it is made even better by my love of jetblue. the airline just opened new flights to burbank and more from long beach, so there is no excuse not to come to la.

but speaking of flights, i hope to see all of you washingtonians for memorial day weekend. who’s coming with me to shenandoah?
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darn, i lost him to renee. but what happened to jack?
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heat and life
it was a full weekend indeed, but also one of renwal. salsa dancing was fantastic - the only challenge being my height. but most of my dance partners don't seem to mind, and i try not to think about why they don't mind. (sigh) but every person i met this weekend was wonderful.

volleyball was fantastic too. i believe there is truly energy that we absorb by being at the beach. there is nothing like the pink glow of your skin after the first trip to the beach of the season. and when skin feels hot and smells of heat and ocean. the way your hair waves from the ocean wind. there is never a better shower than the one you take when you get home - the cool water heating as it hits your hot skin before mixing with the sand to wash away the heat of the day.

i was given a second second chance at the restaurant tainted by horrible date. it was one of a few stops in a beautiful day with wonderful man (who laughed with me about the date and was more than happy to replace the experience with a positive one). i was even given a flower for mothers day, which i accepted on behalf of my maternal gender. i figure that even if i never give physical birth to another, i pray that my life provides true life to others. and isn't life beautiful?
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this is hilarious.

and somewhat romantic.
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check out howard kurtz's op-ed from today's post - a very interesting analysis of the cable media world right now.
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i am lonely. i love my three friends in la, but they're busy people. and sadly, i require lots of social time - darn i hate being an extrovert sometimes. i mean, you'd think that having just gotten a tivo that i would be content with a hermit's life for at least a few weeks...but one week is enough for me. because the more time i spend in my apartment, the more i want to go buy things to make it look cooler. and that's bad. really bad for me.

so, imagine my joy today when i discovered this website*. they should have called it "instant social life". you can do something new, with new people, any night of the week! crazy! i have a wonderful friend carrie who is so good at these things - putting herself out there to meet new people - and she is my inspiration for playing some pickup games or joining a card circle. and once i find a good church and start classes, i know that i'll make more friends too.

this weekend it's salsa dancing and some beach volleyball, in addition to hanging out with mom and a couple of friends in from dc. here's hoping against a social overdose.

*for all the times churches talk about outreach, and for those same churches who just succeed at building their congregation by transferral and not conversion, i have never heard any of them utilize resources like this website for outreach. here are thousands of young people searching for friends, many of whom are probably also searching for faith.
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is it just me, or does mrs. blair look a lot like rachel dratch?
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summer lovin'
aww damn! first there's the uncertainty of arrested development and now this. how will i go on living?

but at least it should be a great summer for movies.

not to mention the great new albums out this summer. new weezer (gimmie gimmie!). and who wants to go see nikka costa with me???!! i have a feeling my three friends in la will decline this offer. but you don't know what you're missing! i think i'll go to the show by myself...i've never done that before. hmm...i love trying new things.
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celebrity crushes
these are the celebrities that make me purr:
1. ryan adams
2. dave grohl
3. jon stewart
4. zach braff
5. (don't laugh - this is a secret about me that few people know...until now) captain von trapp

and since i'm being so candid, here are some crushes i had while growing up:
theo huxtable
rickey ricardo
ricky stratton
doogie houser
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go buy ryan adams'* new album now! with a few more listens this album could very well surpass gold for my favorite ryan adams album. i think i love ryan....which brings me to my next post.

*please do not mistake ryan for this guy.
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los angeles, mexico
i forgot what a sensitive issue immigration is in la. 'well obviously', you say...but when you're not faced with it as prominently as we are, you tend to forget. there has been a flurry of discussion lately around a billboard in our area. it is for a local spanish language news station and it has "los angeles, ca" on it with the "ca" crossed out and "mexico" written over it. it also features a prominent mexico city landmark in the middle of the downtown skyline.

the billboard is of course controversial because it strikes at a nerve that many have here that the southland is being overtaken by latinos who are making little effort to assimilate to american life and culture (and those that know me, know that "american life and culture" is a very fluid term) and only feed off of social services. but i don't buy into the fear that all of our problems are due to immigration since there are so many other factors involved.

honestly, what i find most offensive about this advertisement is that plays on the stereotype that all latinos in la are mexican. the idea behind the advertisement is that it is supposed to communicate that the station understands the spanish speaking population, but it fails to do that by excluding salvadorans, or hondurans, or guatemalans, etc.

for those in other parts of the country, are you offended by the billboard for any reason?
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