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i've been in a funk for the last two weeks or so. i can't really explain what all i'm struggling with, and even if i did i know it wouldn't be worth the explanation. well, i'm starting to rise out of it, at least i pray i am. the problem with being in a valley is that there's a whole mountain ahead of you to climb. honestly, i'm overwhelmed with things that i want to accomplish but feel grossly impared to do so.

it's strange the things going on around me this weekend.
a new life will begin tomorrow for two people.
for two others their life is expanding.
for another, the grief of a family lost.
still another begins reparations in his.
the rain is consistent in each vignette, replacing the sun. but the sun is there even though it is hidden for now. it will shine again and bring new life.
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damn! i missed no pants day again!
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Are We Grown Up Yet? U.S. Study Says Not 'Till 26
Thu May 8, 6:37 PM ET

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Most Americans believe someone isn't grown up until age 26, probably with a completed education, a full-time job, a family to support and financial independence, a survey said on Thursday.

oh crap - i only have 6 months to grow up!
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sometimes it is scary how right on a horoscope can be. though i do not want to listen to the advice.

Relating to people from your point of center may be difficult for you since you may get the feeling that people don't see things as deeply or as emotionally as you do, dear Scorpio. Perhaps you feel as if everyone has a shallow perspective on things, making them luckier in one sense, yet deprived in another. Try not to focus so much on others, but see what you can do to just concentrate on yourself. A big part of making this happen is by not taking yourself so seriously, and by adopting a more lighthearted approach to life.

great. well, tomorrow the big relationship that i've been investing my life into will climax. well it's about time. oh, wait, what relationship? Do you have a partner for life, or do you have someone who doesn't quite appreciate you as much as you feel like they should? hmm...understatement?
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it's amazing with a computer, a digital camera and a little time on your hands can create. for anyone who ever wonders what playtime for young girls is like, this will give you a pretty good idea. it makes me wonder what i ever did with my doll dress-up clothes? i miss childhood...
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i had to make a big decision this week. i guess the decision itself wasn't all that big, but the implications of it are pretty huge. i decided to move out of my group home to a studio apartment. now i do realize that making a move across town is not that huge, but there are a few more factors involved.

1. the apartment is located in the basement of my sister and her husband's new townhouse. yeah, i know, i tried living with my sister, and it wasn't pretty. believe me, we are going into this arrangement with awareness of all the potential dangers.
2. the apartment is located in alexandria. now, i love the area, but considering i work on the opposite side of the beltway, its something to think about. i will also consider moving places of employment - i'm going to live just blocks away from pbs....(the closest to a dream job i can find in dc - judge as you may)
3. the apartment is located away from most of my friends. it has been brought to my attention that i will lose valuable times with friends. but, really, when have you known me to be a hermit? i see this as an opportunity to grow deeper friendships, and now is the time for all parties to step up to the plate and work harder for the relationships that mean something. will they also work harder for my friendship?
4. i can finally get my dog. there are a few things in life that i have wanted to accomplish, and getting a dog is one of them.
5. my life will be quieter. this has been very important to me lately, i pray that i will receive focus and peace.

these are just few of the priorities that i established for my life. they are born out of much soul-searching and praying. they are not a justification - they just are. i don't feel the need apologize for this decision, i believe i am following a path that God has lain before me. i see it as personal growth. will it be?
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