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pop culture update
i just have to share that there are 2 very cool new things out there.

the first is love is a mix tape. this book has me nodding in agreement, laughing out loud, and in tears. a great book for any pop culture geek (annie, you'll love it), and especially fitting as a child of the 80s and 90s.

next is joss stone's new album. you know i love me some soul and her album's got it. my favorite right now is put your hands on me baby. (i so wish i were one of those backup dancers!) this one's great for dancing around your house in your underwear. and speaking of mix tapes, this one goes on my "feelin' sexy" playlist.

i wish i had a movie recommendation, but i haven't seen much. if you have a penis and like graphic novels, you'll love 300. i don't have a penis and i kind of liked it.

that's it. i know you're expecting me to blog about you, but i gotta think some things through first.

you happy, pat? it was great to see you again...it's been far too long!

and welcome to my new readers. (sorry for the image of dancing around in underwear...)
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it's cookie time
i just want to point out for the record that i had a package of samoa girl scout cookies in my house for five whole days....until 2 minutes ago.

that's pretty impressive, don't you think?
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