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in keeping with the i love the eighties theme, i found this great article. if you grew up in the eighties and have ever played pong, donkey kong or supermario brothers, this article is for you.
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i apologize for not being able to think about something interesting to write about. life is just there right now. i've got lots of cool stuff going on, but nothing that i particularily feel like writing the world about. busy, busy, busy...and i don't really want to be busy.
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this quote makes my morning, said by courtney love in regards to the custody battle she is in with kurt cobain's mother over their daughter -
"Wendy [kurt's mother] went nuts," Love said. "She shoved me, and I slapped her like a four-year-old, though I've never slapped a four-year-old."

way to cover your bases, courtney.
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this has been a very long week - and the fact that it is about 10 degrees below zero today doesn't help.

ok, so it's only 30 degrees...but still. shouldn't it be warmer than this in october? oh well.

but i am very grateful for the three things that are sustaining me this week - pizza, drew and i love the eighties strikes back. thank you drew and vh1.
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oh man! i was flipping through the channels last night because [for once] i finished up my studying early...and got to watch tv! and i was flipping because there was no west wing on last night (what's up with that?), and i came across the trusty mtv. lo and behold! this season's fraternity life is taking place at ucsc! i didn't even know we had fraternities.

well, judging from this fine crop of gentlemen, i guess that's why the school preferred to keep the greek life under wraps.
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you know its bound to be an interesting article if the heading reads

Monkeys can move robotic arm with thoughts
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though i'm not in california anymore, i can't help but wonder if people in california feel kind of the way they did after the 2000 election. the people that voted for arnold, just like the people that voted for nader, are probably thinking to themselves - "no, wait, i didn't really mean that vote! it was all just a joke, right?"

{this morning blog is dedicated to dawn}
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WOO HOOO!!! my organization's board approved the grant to fund my position. yeah! i still have a job!
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i decided a couple of weeks ago to break up with my new exercise and diet regime.

yesterday we got back together. there's nothing like making up.

basically, my new highly disciplined life was becoming routine. although that may be the goal, i needed the newness of it to sustain me. you see, when we first got together, we were with each other nonstop. for eight whole weeks the regime did not leave my side. but then, i went to a wedding, and got distracted. at first its just window shopping and a little tasting. but the, i just didn't care anymore. i was bored with my regime, so i decided to stray. then the regime threw up its hands and said, "we're through!". and i was ok with that.

but i was wrong. i missed my regime and realized i needed it in my life. it had begun to change me and i was becoming a different person. i was wrong for throwing that all away.

yesterday i went to see my regime again at 6:30. it was hard to be there, but i made it through. we made it through. its slow, and i know i'll mess up again, but my regime will always be there, forgiving me, no matter how many times i stray. my desire is to stray less and less until my regime and i become one.
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